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Utterly ridiculous question that makes me look like a dork...

Asked by Dorkgirl (1496points) September 25th, 2008

I confess to perusing a variety of celebrity websites and there are always pix of “Spencer & Heidi”. I know they are on some TV show, but they make we want to gag. Why, oh why in the name of all that is good are these two vapid media whores all over the place? Are they actually worth watching on their show? I know—stop looking and it won’t bother me, but I’m still curious why they are so prevalent in teh media. Thank you.

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The guy is the son of someone famous and the girl is heidi montag his girlfriend

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Absolutely not! My wonderful wife is a reality-tv junkie and watches that god-forsaken show “The Hills”. I try to do anything else to get me out of the room, but I can’t put my music too loud or she can’t hear. So I get to hear them. The show is idiotic, but when either of them comes on the screen I want to break my tv. She is an idiot and he is the biggest prick I’ve ever seen. The way he treats her and everyone else is disgusting. If I ever saw him on the street I’d beat his ass just for breathing the same air as me.

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Oooooo… Bri_L hit 4000. Congrats Daddio

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heheh Thanks!

I had to look them up. I don’t know where they are from. I don’t have cable.

Not a dork Dorkgirl!

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Is he the one with the creepy flesh-colored beard?

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What are you, some kinda dork?

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their famous for being big assholes and douche bags especially spencer

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@Pup:—talk soup much?—

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Yes PupnTaco He is that one.

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That’s what I thought. And yeah, “The Soup” is the only reason I know about half of this shit.

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@pup, same here. Joel Mc Hale delivers us our reality show news so we don’t have 2 watch all the crap that’s out there

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@AstroChuck…indeed, I am a dork and pretty proud of it most days. A little geeky, too.

But I still don’t get why they get this attention? So many people seem to revile them, but they appear EVERYWHERE with their simpering smiles and vapid eyes.
Maybe there is no explanation.

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they’re on the reality tv show The Hills and are made out to be the enemy of the “perfect” girl Lauren Conrad (from Laguna Beach) I hate them all but the show is addicting lol and its really popular…even though it has no real plot and its obviously scripted

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