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Best free iPhone/itouch apps?

Asked by glitterrrrfish (222points) September 25th, 2008 from iPhone

what are some that you would recommend others to use or play? And anyone buy the koi pond? Is it any good?

My favorite free app game would deft be BiiBall lite

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My favorite free iphone app is called Save Benjis. It tells you the lowest price for anything you wanna buy and even points u to the store selling it and u can buy it right off your iphone!!

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Hmm.. most of the apps/games I really like, I had to pay a couple of bucks for. Just ask if you want my non-free favorites.

But Pandora Radio was free, and that’s awesome – in my top 3, anyway.

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Shazam is my fav free app. It samples a few seconds of a song and sends back the full info to your phone.

Btw, Save Benjis is really cool! Thx

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Like jasonjackson, I have quite a few apps I really like that I paid between $1 and $4 for (AUD). As for completely free ones, Palringo is a pretty decent instant messaging app which I use regularly, and Fuzzle is an strange but cool little puzzle game (this is the lite version, the full version is $2 or so – free when I got it).

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I have 5 full screens of apps, and I have never paid a cent for one! Check the “Top 25 Free” list in the App Store. It updates several times a day, and shows the movers and shakers in free apps. Also, a lot of paid apps make their debut as free ones, and you can grab yourself a free copy. I’ve gotten White Noise, Air Sharing, earthscape, Break Classic, and Fuzzle this way.

I personally think that “Stanza” is the best app, free or paid, in the store. It’s free. Also, check out these essentials:
Instapaper (great for ipod touch)
Evernote (if you use it. you should!)
Tap Tap Revenge
Constitution for iPhone
Now Playing

Check those out and let me know what you think.

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Scriptures, Twinkle, Facebook, Myspace, Bloomberg, Weatherbug, Shazam, Remote, Air Sharing (when it was free), Wikipanion, Ebay, Breakclassic (again when it was free), Aurora Feint, and Lightsaber Unleashed.

I use my phone a lot.

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fuzzle is the shit,
Anyone try biiball lite?

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@glitterfish, yeah fuzzle is pretty awesome ey! I downloaded biiball lite and that is really cool too! Steering takes some getting used to :P

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cube runner
i dunno why i just like it

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I’m getting in on this question late. The ones I love that HAVEN’T been mentioned yet are:

Moonlight Mahjong Lite (I play this every day to relax – love it!)
Twitterific (for Twitter)
Sextuple Word Challenge (take 6 letters, and make words from them)

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gonna have to say Twinkle is best Twitter iPhone app

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Cool! I’ll check it out.

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Do you like the board game Risk?

Looking through the Top 25 programs, I just downloaded Lux last night, a Risk knock-off – for free!! Excellent game.

Hey, I’d love to continue to see fresh answers to this question, as new programs get added to the App store every day. Keep ‘em coming!

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A cool game is Blue Skies Lite and Cube if you like shooters and for driving go with Audi A4 Driving Challenge if you like driving games.

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my favorite free apps are super monkey ball; marble mash; dots free; GL golf lite;BTires lite; Audi A4…

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