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What is your most trusted news source?

Asked by tinyfaery (43925points) September 26th, 2008

TV? Internet? Radio? Newspapers and magazines?
Can you give me some names?

Do you use different sources for different types of information?

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I try to stay away from all the US cable news channels (although, I do like Keith Olbermann on occasion). I try to get my news from foreign world news sources (i.e. BBC World). I used to listen to NPR news, but they are just as polarizing as cable news, to my chagrin. For politics, I trust Bob Schieffer (of CBS) because I think he is one of the last of the true reporters. I also loved Tom Russert, but still find Meet the Press to be a pretty decent source.

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I get most of my news via internet, but that’s mostly because TV news is so slow (taking 30 minutes to deliver news I can read online in like 3 minutes), and filled with stupid “human interest” stories.. and then when they do cover the big & important topics, they tend to gloss over the important details. Grr.

In terms of trust, the BBC still ranks highly for me. If I must get news from TV for whatever reason, I favor CNN, although I wouldn’t say I trust them much.. more like I mistrust them less than most other sources I know of.

And I get a lot of my news indirectly from the Daily Show; I guess I trust Jon Stewart as much as anyone, now that I think about it.

I also read a couple of magazines which are more like analysis than news (Harper’s, The Atlantic), and I do tend to trust both of them.

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A multi-medium conglomerate called ABC Australia. They produce web, radio and tv news and current affairs, as well as local programming. They also have podcasts, magazines and shops… their empire is growing!

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@blue: Ah yes, I’ve been watching that since I’ve been down in Antarctica. It is a great source. I wish I could bring it back to the States with me when I return home.

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I do a mix of CNN (not too trusted, but gives me an idea of the mainstream news without being Fox), Common Dreams (mostly the left-column articles, but sometimes the middle-column pieces), and Democracy Now. When I remember, BBC. I agree with above and generally prefer foreign international sources. I also check Google news for specific topics of interest (thus seeing many different sources), and sometimes check local news (SF Gate, and more than anything listservs).

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I get most of my news from NPR. When I am home I usually have CNN on. But my two very favorite places to get news are The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. The way I see it, these guys aren’t any more satirical than Fox News.

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No SINGLE source can give you the most balanced news coverage, not even BBC. Many people have a tendency of trusting foreign sources because they are consider “outsiders”, hence “neutral”, and I am sure the British would like to hear what CNN, Al Jazeera or France 24 would report once a while.

The best way is to get news from ALL sources, as many as you can practically manage. And, verify things from other sources after you hear it the first time, always.

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Yea im with SuperMouse i listen to NPR when im driving, but my favorite place to get my news is The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. You couldnt pay me enough money to watch Fox News though. God damn those people are retarded.

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I just come here. There’s enough people spouting about whatever just happened that it’s in the fluther within minutes. Then I just go wherever they point their link to. And then after that I make up my own news. Like the Onion except my news sucks. Twitter is good for news stuff too, but too many followers/following means too much is crap and not enough is worthwhile. Fox News Chicago is on twitter and they post new news like every 10 seconds. I followed them for a day and realized I didn’t need all that news.

SquirrelEStuff's avatar,, talk radio including 99.5 FM NY, Ed schultz, Thom Hartmann, Hannity, some cable news. All together, I make up my own mind.

My absolute favorite source is CSpan. It is completely unfiltered and you acutally get to hear Americans say what is really on their minds via Washington Journal.

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CNN + Fox News then divide by two

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Howard Stern Show.

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National Public Radio (NPR) and the BBC

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Ditto to zuluvictory

NPR and the BBC.

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NPR and NY Times (online)

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NPR, NY Times on line, CNN on line,

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NPR and Twitter

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You guys.

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@pete: Aw, shucks!

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NPR/PRI etc. on the radio, BBC on the radio, NY Times in print. I love public radio, around here it’s KQED, and it is stellar. If you’re far away, stream it and give it a try.

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the Internet
and for insight, Fluther (and one other board I’ll be leaving soon).

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oh, Spatzie…I see…

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Normally my cable news channels, or online the next morning.

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