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Do you play NDS (Nintendo Dual Screen) games with emulator?

Asked by Fluther_Mania (25points) September 26th, 2008

Question is above. thanks.

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You mean with a linker ? Or older game not made for DS ?

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I mean emulator, software to play DS games on your Windows PC.

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On this site there are several emulators. Then search for a rom on google and then just open it with the emulator. On YouTube there are tutorials on how to set up the emulator so it will work properly. Just run a search on YouTube for the walkthrough.

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I do not. I think that the DS is a really innovative little system, and I like to support innovation. Also, on a PC, you miss out on some of the best, touch-controlled games there are, such as Kirby Canvas Curse and Elite Beat Agents.

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The emulators available now are kinda slow. Try them and you’ll see what I mean. You CPU will be running at 100% and both graphics and sounds will be choppy.

Have you heard of R4 cartridge? You can download games from the net, then with a USB adapter link to a 1gb++ cartridge which you can play on your DS.

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@mozartpena I’ve been interested in an R4, because there really is some neato homebrew out there. If you want an R4, you should probably get it quick, as Nintendo is going after these guys.

Also, search dsfanboy for homebrew. They had a big feature on it over the summer.

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