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Does anyone love the Twilight Series like me!

Asked by emmy23 (256points) September 26th, 2008
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My 18 year old daughter does. I would read it but she told me there was no sex or violence. I must have sex and violence.

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well there is sex and violence i think especailly sex so you should read it!

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I read the first one about two years ago and it wasn’t too bad. not my usual sort of book. I’m just surprised about how much recognition it’s getting now, it’s ridiculous. I bet every girl in my school has read it.

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i think that you should continue with the series because in my opinion it just keeps getting better and better =)

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NO, there’s not enough sex. I need a lot to keep me interested in a book of that sort. And gory violence. Like Clive Barker.

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oh well ok thats cool =)

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I do.
I really didn’t expect to, at all. Didn’t sound like my kettle of fish, except for the fantasy aspect.
I picked up the first one reluctantly, and didn’t put it down until I finished. Went straight to the bookstore for the second, read it all in one go and went to get the third. Got the third taken off me for two days as punishment for not doing my homework, then finished it in one night. Waited 6 months for the fourth and was rather disappointed with it, to be honest. Loved the first three though. Read them all again twice while waiting for the fourth one to come out.

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Ya i own them all too! I read them all in 1–2 days as well and im reading them again for the 3rd time lol
I cant wait for the movie

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Yes, the movie I am rather excited for. Usually I’m not too keen on movies adapted from books buuut I don’t care, I can’t wait for this one, and I can just separate the book and the movie in my mind as two different things if they butcher it.

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Ya i no what you mean =)
And the guy that is gonna play edward is soooo hott i think

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Nyeahh he’s not bad, but just the fact that he is playing Edward makes him hotter.
I think Kristen Stewart is a great pick.

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My daughter, age 12, loves them. When the last one came out this summer, we had to have it shipped to her at camp the first day it became available. I’m not sure how she discovered them. Probably another girl at her school. My wife is trying to read one, now.

There was a story about them on the news, saying they were the thing for 12 year old girls. Which makes me wonder if it’s not so cool for older girls?

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Well I wouldn’t have though it was the thing for 12 year olds. The protagonist goes from 17 to 19 years old throughout the books, it’s thrilling and it’s sexual, so I probably wouldn’t encourage a 12 year old to read it. I certainly never read anything like this when I was twelve. It’s not that I couldn’t have handled it, I just wouldn’t have been interested. But I don’t know, maybe 12 year olds are different these days :P

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I’m sure someone loves the “Twilight Zone” series like you, yeah.

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Like Shrubbery, I never expected to like Twilight. My sister was the one who got into it and when I saw how obsessed she was my sister is hardly passionate about anything I knew I had to give it a shot. Now I’m just as mushy brained about it and addicted as everyone else!
Can’t wait for the movie, as well.

Has anyone read Midnight Sun!?

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Someone probably does, but I am not that someone.

I got enough horrible teenage angst in high school, and I was sick of it by the time I graduated. I can’t fathom why an immortal vampire would want to fritter away his time in high school, except to serve as a teenage wish-fulfillment fantasy.

I tried reading the book, got about 1/3 of the way in, didn’t care what happened to the characters except that I was really hoping that whatever did happen would stop the whining.

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midnight sun isnt out yet
hopefully it will be soon tho
thankyou all for your answers =D

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I’m with cwilbur. Only I kept reading. I finished the first three books and plan to read the fourth one as soon as the kid I’ve been borrowing them from finishes it. I feel the need to have read the entire thing so that when I speak poorly of it, the fangirls can’t use the excuse “Well, you didn’t really read it!” Yes, I did. And it was awful.

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I loved the books. Couldn’t stop reading them, I borrowed the first two off my sister, but couldn’t be bothered waiting for the third and fourth from her so I went and bought them. I didn’t think it would be my sort of book, but I LOVE LOVE LOVED it! Wish she would publish Midnight Sun though. I’d love to see Edward’s view of the story.

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much2smile4 if you go to stephanie meyers website you can read the rough partial draft of midnight sun. Its not as good as reading it as a published book of course but i would say that its better than nothing!

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@emmy: Thank you for letting me know, but i’ve actually downloaded and read some of it, but stopped because I was like, I want the book, and i’m still one of those suckers that are hoping that she’ll feel for all the fans and publish a finalised copy..

I still have my fingers crossed, hopefully production companies will put pressure into finishing the books for the movies.. :S Maybe who knows..

But i’m hoping she will..

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I do I wish Stephenie would write more like what happens with Jacob and Nessie

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I am addicted to Twilight. It’s sad. Ask me anything and i will know.

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