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Have you ever seen a "bad fortune" cookie message? Have any messages (good or bad) you have received, come true?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) September 26th, 2008

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I love dining in Chinese food restaurants, and I always like getting a fortune cookie, but the messages are always so benign and “innocent” or maybe predictable is the word, because you always know that they are going to be totally innocuous.

Just once I would like to get one that reads, “You are about to lose your ass in the stock market,” or maybe, “Your new girlfriend uses Valtrex┬«,” and not because I would want those things to be true, but just so I could get a laugh from one of them.

I have had a few of the messages come true, but only because they are so broadly worded, that they almost have to come true, like, “You will win a lot of money from gambling.” I did. I won $900 on Keno in Las Vegas, the last time I was there.

Have you had any experiences with a fortune cookie message coming true?

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thats all ridiculous!!

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I know that you can purchase (then slip into take out orders for your friends) misfortune cookies.

I’ve never gotten one. I have had cookies come true but mostly because they were so general (you will be blessed in the friends you make—what a coincidence! I am!).

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The day my (step-)father signed my adoption papers, we went to a Chinse restaurant to celebrate. He got a fortune that he’s kept for over 20 years now:

“Good things will result from that which you adopt today.”

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That is awesome!

I remember that someone, many years ago, produced fortune cookies with silly Confucius sayngs in them. They were fun to open and read, although some of them could not be read aloud…

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NO, never got one that meant anything. If they ever did come true, I’d of forgotten about them…they turn to dust in the bottom of my purse.

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ahhh…the message in a fortune cookie…

For entertainment, visit this:

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I found this one recently. “You will make new friends who trip out on Textile.”

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Never gotten any bad fortunes, but I did have one that came true. The first time my husband and I went out for Chinese food after we started dating, my fortune said:

“The rest of your life is sitting right in front of you.”

Sappy, right? But it came true! ;)

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I loved the episode of the Simpsons where Homer is at a crossroads over whether to have an affair with a co-worker, they’re having dinner at a Chinese restaurant and his fortune says, “You will find happiness with a new love,” then they cut back to the kitchen and one of the cooks says, “we’re out of the new love fortune cookies,” and the manger tells him “open up the stick with your wife barrel.”

Every time I get a fortune cookie it doesn’t seem to be a fortune at all, usually it’s more like a proverb. One time however I opened a fortune cookie and there was nothing inside. My wife told me that meant I was going to die. I’m still here.

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My favorite fortune cookie message was “avoid compulsively making things worse”. I’m not sure if the universe thought I was and needed to be reminded to stop, or if it was just a gentle reminder.

I once bought a lotto ticket with some lucky numbers from a fortune cookie, and I played some random numbers as well. The random numbers won me $42 if I recall correctly.

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“Sorry, all out of fortune. Eat cookie.”

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Have you ever seen the photograph that’s on the Internet, of a fortune that reads:

That wasn’t chicken


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I opened one, three days ago and it read:

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I had one recently from a place I order from all the time that just said:

You need to seek professional help.

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You got one that was meant for me, obviously…

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There’s also the xkcd comic where the guy likes to add except in bed to every fortune. It’s a depressing twist on the age old game.

I have seen that chicken fortune cookie ad

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Has anyone seen that Twilight Zone episode titled, The Misfortune Cookie?

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Yes, but only because we made our own fortune cookies.

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I once got one that said “you should enhance your feminine side at this time”. So, if I was a woman, I’d be so offended!

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Here’s a photo of that fortune that reads, That Wasn’t Chicken.

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And the song about it…

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I swear I bought chinese food yesterday and cracked open my fortune cookie to read this:

“Your problem just got bigger. Think, what have you done.”

no joke.

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