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What three things would you do first if you won the 2008 election?

Asked by GAMBIT (3855points) September 26th, 2008
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You mean if I personally won it, or if my candidate wins?

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I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear dale. I mean if Mr. dalepetrie was the next President of the United States of America.

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So you don’t want to know if Mr. JackAdams won, what he would do?

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Of course Mr. JackAdams.

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Well, of course, it’s very likely I WILL win…

So, of course my first 3 actions will be….

#1 – break out the Cristal
#2 – call all my hos in the different area codes
#3 – call McCain and tell him to suck it.

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Go to Disneyland?

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If I were to run, I’d get elected, because of the following planks in my platform:

1. Eliminate ALL income taxes, both state & federal

2. Adopt a foreign policy of total neutrality as is the case with Switzerland

3. Mandate that the Death Penalty should apply to crooked politicians.

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I’d kick bush out of the country.

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You got MY VOTE!

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After my inauguration. (The Wars would automatically be ended.)

1. Well, let’s just say Bush and anyone in his circle(and there are probably a-couple of thousand). Would be executed on the White House Lawn, but since I would be a green president. I would use their blood to repaint the House.

2.I would commender the Federal Reserve, Oil companies and Wal-Mart. While, closing the doors on the IRS, Homeland Security and any private military Companies and their pals.

3.Distribute land and wealth equally to all citizens.

Since I am the president I’ll add a fouth thing.

4. I will sign the original U.S. Constitution with my own blood. So that, if anyone who dares to violate! Must be prepared! To spill their own blood.

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@dalepetrie: I like your list, but in reverse order.

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Yeah, reverse would work.

In fact you could change #1 and #2 to be the same as #3…I wouldn’t mind telling McCain to suck it 3 times.

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Maybe he should suck it once for each car or house he has.

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I don’t think I could handle that much sucking.

Of course, if he took out his teeth he could probably get a good lock.

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Since watching the debate, I’m going to revise my answer.

I’d kick bush out of the country.
Then I’d kick mc Cain out.

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1) End the war
2) Figure out a way for taxes to be fair across the board
3) Change the way all future elections are handled

Then, tell McCain to suck it!

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Presidential pardons for everyone convicted of minor drug charges.
Legalize it.
End the war.
Cut most government programs.

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