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Genius playlist in iTunes - good or worthless?

Asked by steelmarket (3603points) September 26th, 2008

What are your experiences with the new Genius utility in iTunes? Should I turn the thing on?

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It’s helping me rediscover my music. I’m finding songs I have that I didn’t know were there. Much. much, better than a simple shuffle.

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In my experience, it isn’t working as I had hoped. I thought, and I could be wrong on this, that Genius would examine your music library and then produce playlists where the songs fit some sort of logical flow. Would this be your interpretation?

As such, I’ve got Genius doing things like putting Nick Cave’s Mercy Seat directly after Mozart’s Requiem, followed then by Pink Floyd. While making for a somewhat interesting juxtaposition, I can’t see how those songs are related.

I have seen, over in the right sidebar on iTunes, where Genius will suggest music that I don’t have by the artist, and then lots of other suggestions underneath. But isn’t this what the Apple Store thing-a-ma-gig was doing?

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Oh, wait. I see the relation now.
You get sentenced to death
You go to heaven
And you make a lot of money


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I love the genius feature, i honestly suck at making playlists mostly because i am lazy and it is helping me find those songs i wouldn’t otherwise pair together. Good job apple. Or maybe good job Pandora originally.

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It helps me find older songs (a year or two old) that I loved but have forgotten about.

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The what now?

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Genius is a new feature in iTunes 8. If you haven’t seen it you probably haven’t updated iTunes…

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Man.. the one time I get lazy about an iTunes update, they actually have a new feature. I’ll have to check it out.

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I actually just tried it last night and it gave me a sweet playlist. I dug it so much that I saved it. And I am def with @robmandu with the it’s helping me discover old music I have in my itunes that I didn’t know I had.

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I love it. I think it’s genius.

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I’ve been using it on my iphone, and I am really diggin’ it. I agree with robmandu, I am rediscovering music I forgot I had. My only gripe is it selects too many songs from the same artist for one playlist.

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I quite like it and it seems to work fairly well to me. I use it mainly on my iphone when I don’t feel like listening to just one band or one album and can’t be bothered skipping through ‘all tracks’ on shuffle, such as when I’m in bed or on the bus.

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I’ve only dug up one play list that I like so far, but it was nice to hear a different collection of songs from the ones I usually listen to. As for finding new stuff I prefer to use sites like and thesixtyone :)

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I’ve only just started playing around with it, and I like it so far. My gripe is that the ONE song I wanted a playlist built around, Genius “could not find matches for your current selection.” Thbtbtbtbbbtt!

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It has become the only way I listen to music—I LURVE it.

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Hey, this Genius thing is pretty clever !!! I like it. Glad you talked me into it. Thanks!

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It works for some things, but it seems to really dislike english folk music – it just plain refuses to do anything with it.

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Yes. I tried to create a list from a Pentangle song and it created a truly weird one.

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i don’t really like it/understand it. maybe it’s because i’m rather fond of making my own playlists. i just feel kind of uncomfortable with a computer making a playlist of songs FOR me. i don’t know. /=

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