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What's everyone playing on their Xbox 360?

Asked by alabare (282points) August 9th, 2007

I've been fairly dormant with my xbox 360 for quite a few months. I was really into Battlefield 2 multiplayer on xbox live. Looking to get back into an online shooter of some variety. Any suggestions?

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Oh man - I guess a little bit of everything, I can't get enough of my 360! Call of Duty 2 or 3 would be a great online shooter, Gears of War is incredible, Lost Planet is great for online play, even a little Splinter Cell has some fun online capabilities. I myself am currently enjoying Dead Rising, Elder Scrolls: Shivering Isles, Saints Row, and Tony Hawk Project 8. Either way, if you decide on a game let me know your xbox live tag so we can game-it-up!

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I had high hopes for Call of Duty 2 online but was really disappointed with the match up process and lag. Has this improved at all in the last year or so?

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I have really like COD 3. Much better than 2! Some friends of mine have really liked Dirt too, if you are into racing games.

I'm waiting for Assassins Creed!

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Yeah agreed with zacho on that one, COD3 is better online play then 2 - but if you're looking for a online shooter, either is still great in my opinion. Yeah, Dirt is great too!

Assassins Creed is gonna be incredible!

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Try Gears Of War ( great for both online or ofline), wait for Call of Duty 4 to come out which is going to be awesome

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I agree, COD4 is going to be sweet!

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I broke down and went in an entirely different direction and picked up Command & Conquer. Figured I would hold off a month or two before I pick up any more shooters. Looks like a lot of quality stuff is due here shortly.

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Rainbow Six: Vegas or Gears of War!

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Yeah i totally forgot, Rainbow Six: Vegas is THE game to get, especially if you're looking for a great online shooter! But good call on Command and Conquer either way!

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i dont have a 360:(

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I was leaning heavily toward Rainbow Six: Vegas...but knowing it's been out for as long as it has, I passed. I'm stupid like that. If a game is older than a few months, I feel like I shouldn't purchase something better is sure to be right around the corner. Yet, I download classic games on Xbox live and Wii all the time. Like I said, stupid.

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I don't have a wii either:(

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Lol, that is pretty funny alabare! Yeah, it's all about the Wii60 Combo - gotta have both!

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lost planet woot!

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Is Lost Planet worth it? Can it hold me over till Halo 3 and Assassins Creed? I heard it was good . . .

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Lost Planet's great - sometimes frustrating, but overall pretty great, especially online play.

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I hear it has the standard gun aiming issues that capcom always has (RES. Evil & dead rising)?

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@zacko - maybe a little, but overall I was quite impressed with the aiming system, the RE and Dead Rising aiming schemes pale in comparison. As far as something holding you over til Halo 3 and Assassins Creed, have you tried and Splinter Cell games, great gameplay, great controls, great games! What about Saints Row - a great GTA rip-off, but truly kills time incredibly. But yes, I would most definitely recommend Lost Planet.

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@ travistotz - Yes, I have played all of them bu the new one, is it worth it, because I did really love all the others? I know they are time intensive? Plus, the next one they are coming out (Conviction) with looks incredible, kind of like the Bourne Identity!

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I just finished Fallout 3, it was really good. Excited about getting Star Ocean tomorrow though. Also, check out Castle Crashers if you haven’t yet… it’s amazing.

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Mass Effect
Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

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Ive really been into Team Fortress two lately. Its a pretty good game if you have a good party to play with.

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