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Am 45 and my penis is not getting erected in the morning as it used to be? What can I do to enhance my testeron and get better stamina, energy and erection?

Asked by brainnykay (4points) September 26th, 2008

health advice, which physical exercise, or diet should I adopt to improve my condition?

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See a urologist immediately, and do exactly what s/he advises.

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Geez, there’s any number of enhancement powders and pills and mechanisms advertised in “men’s” magazines. Try one of them?

Or, as JA said, do the smart thing, and go to a urologist.

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Talk to your doctor. This is NOT the appropriate forum for such a topic. I would think you’d want to talk to an expert in the field of medicine rather than trust your health to a collection of anonymous bloggers.

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V for viagraaaaaa

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Welcome to Fluther, and welcome to mid-life. As the others said, you should check with your urologist, but barring any problems, I think this can be pretty common at your age. We do have a few doctors here, but without knowing your history, they would probably tell you the same thing.

HotTuna seems to know all about Fluther after being here only 2 days!

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Are you taking medicine for depression, or high blood pressure? Those can take the lead out of yer pencil!

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Obesity; high blood pressure; starting a new medication or increasing the dosage of an existing one – all of these have affected my ‘intensity’ so to speak. Examine your lifestyle, especially any recent changes you’ve experienced/undertaken, but above all go see the doc as so many have suggested.

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