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What is your job? Where do you work?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) September 26th, 2008

If you feel like sharing, if you cant tell us the company its ok. What do you do for work?

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I work at Home Depot, customer service. I also work for myself. I just started a Photography company.

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Freelance writer. Home.

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I work for Oberlin College, making websites and keeping the ones we have maintained.

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I’m work as the manager for a meduim sized home health agency. Which means I hire, fire, act as patient laison, scheduler, hr person, and provide psych support to clients and
employees. Basically, it’s just me and the owner in the office. Mostly it’s just me in the office. Mostly, I do everything.

But I can bring my dog to work and I’m currently wearing a CRAMPS t-shirt!!!!!

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I’m the office manager at a dog kennel.

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No wonder Jack has so much spare time. lol

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In other words you run the company, while the owner steals all the credit.

I bet if you left, he would be totally helpless. LOL

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I work for the local government in the child welfare field (welfare meaning well being, not public assistance welfare).

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@loser: If the job ever gets to be too much for you, I guess you can always FLEA the place…

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I work for a Diplomatic Mission, in Public Diplomacy/Cultural area as CAA

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@ JackAdams she would be helpless yes….she’s my entry under ‘high mantainence” ppl. She in NYC shopping, right now, probably bitching because it’s raining there like mad. I’ve known her for ages; her son and my daughter went to day care together since they were 5. I came to work for her about 5 years ago, when her manager quit and I was getting flack for having purple hair at the ‘corporate’ job. It’s a good match, cause she’s never here!

Forgot to mention, my part time job: I produce all ages shows in the area. Mostly industrial type music shows, with a horror theme. We also do stuff like body suspension and other forms of oddity art forms. I’m on a bit of a haitus now tho. Won’t do another show till next spring.

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I’m a cave geologist for a commercial cavern. In addition to being a science nerd, I’m also in charge of IT, work with marketing on ads, and oversee the outdoor programs.

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I’m a teacher at a Preschool.

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I work at a food processing plant in the quality control department. I work in the labeling department of QC. I create and print labels for all the products we produce. We make frozen fish products like fish sticks and battered/breaded fish portions as well as natural fillets. I also maintain all product specifications and handle any labeling issue like nutritional information/product descriptions. bla bla bla

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Now we know why you have the nickname you do.

I really LOVE fish sticks!

So what nice things do I have to say to you, to get some coupons? LOL

Pass the tartar sauce!

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I’m a student living on the money I make during the summer. (Last summer I worked in a thrift store. next summer I think I’ll work in a bike shop).

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Sales. Chemical sales.

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I used to love them too…but now that I know how they are made…I can’t eat them anymore. I’ll just send you a bulk pack…10 pounds of fish sticks haha, will last you a while.

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Graphic Designer – Suburb of Boston
I teach at a college 2 nights a week also.

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Private Investigator…..World Wide…..

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Software engineer, Cambridge, MA.

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Network Admin, Memphis, TN, for a group non-profit clinics

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I am a goat herder, connecting via satphone to my ISP. I work high in the mountains of Nevada. Or maybe Utah. Sometimes I’m geographically challenged, which, as you might imagine, is not so good in my profession around wrangling time.

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1. Pizza place.
2. Community organizer for the Obama campaign (specifically, I run canvassing and such for northern Columbus)

That’s right, Sarah Palin, a community organizer.

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@ cwilbur, long time no see or hear nor read! Good to see you back!
@lefteh, Haven’t seen you lately either… Hi to you both!
Sorry about going off track or subject…

I’m in the High-end jewelry business and work or the oldest jewelry store in the United States! Please disregard the following sentence, I’m using my iPhone not my ofpc, and as everyone with a iPhone knows this or the following happens…

I’m in the Highend

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now i’m going to google the oldest jewelry store in the US. i’m guessing tiffany’s offhand….

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@sccrowell: Yeah…my absence would be due to job #2 up there.

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yeah lefteh, we were missing you

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November 5th…I’ll be back full force.

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lefteh, Soo….. Cool!

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I work at a local fish store.I also do volunteer work at the Camden Aquarium.Both jobs are awesome because i get to work with what i love.

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No, not tiffanys, Bailey, Banks and Biddle. Designer of the Purple Heart Medal, Silver Star Medal, both of which were offered to Tiffany’s but after multible attempts, were designed by BBB AND something most people have in their wallets, pockets or purses. Can you guess?

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uber, would they be the eating kind or the ones thaare in tanks bowls and so on?

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Id be a bit weird if i worked at a store that sold the fish for the eats and then did some volunteer work at the aquarium no?

Though your not the first and definitely not the last to ask that question. They are the kind for fish tanks. Our store is actually pretty big we have 600+ tanks in there.

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Im a Freelancer and Contractor for C2. Graphic Design, illustration, animation. Creative.

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Disabled Veteran/Student. I also do freelance programming, animation and design work (web, print, character, whatever). Starting back at school on the 6th. It’ll be interesting.

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May I offer you much good luck with that?

I’m sure you will have much success, and I wish you well.

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Thanks Jack… I’ve already begun my studies because I’ve been out of school so long.I’m just hoping that it’s gonna be enough.

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I’m an education consultant and I also coordinate services for pregnant and parenting high school students in California…I also bake, mostly pies right now.

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@tWrex: My mom went to college more than 20 years after graduating high school. She was scared about whether she could handle it. She worked hard and even got an A in algebra even though math was never a strong subject for her. She got her degree in 4 years time. When you go back as an older student you have more discipline and patience for the studying you know you need to do. You’ll do fine, too.

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@cyndyh Thanks… I really appreciate that. And I definitely agree with you about the discipline. Last time I was in school my life was falling apart and I had a death wish that I almost got granted so this time it won’t be quite so dramatic. =) Thank you again.

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I am a co-founder at and I work on it at home.

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tWrex: Besides discipline, I’ve also found that most continuing students also have a better appreciation for school as well. So they not only tend to do well, they also tend to get more out of it.
Good luck with your studies!

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@Nimis Thanks. I really appreciate all the good vibes people keep sending my way. I really am feeling it. So thanks everyone for all of your thoughts. You guys rawk!

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my work is to console, comfort, counsel, coordinate, and heal people.. i work as a government employee..

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Low level slave to corporate America. lol~

I do mechanical engineering (no degree). We make x-ray and gamma-ray radiation portals. Mostly DOD applications. Border and military security checkpoints. They’re designed to drive trucks, trains, cars, etc.. through and search em for contraband without physically opening the vehicles.

Also I have small video production company with a friend. “StuccoFilms”... Started out as just a fun hobby, now we do mostly corporate gigs. Promotional and product videos… A wedding here or there, some action sports stuff, and music videos. We haven’t updated our website in years. Ha~!
Here’s a little demo reel from when we still had no idea what we were doing (aka always)..

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