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What temperature(s) will you be setting your thermostat at this fall/winter?

Asked by DandyDear711 (1512points) September 26th, 2008

I am shivering in my house right now – temp of 63 – but I refuse to turn the heat on…

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Same as last year; I hate being either too cold or too hot. So, 70, I think it was.

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If i had a thermostat it would be set to 68 degrees. I like it a little chilly. I’m also known to have my windows open in the dead of winter.

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65 – Down from 68 last year.

At least until my wife turns it to 75 when I’m out of the house.

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WOW – you all are gonna set yours higher than I expected!

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Somewhere between 60 and 65. I like a cool house, and I’m paying for heat—I’d rather put a sweater on if I’m cold.

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I’m not going to turn my heating on this year. I didn’t turn it on last year either and had the window open nearly everyday.

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@LightlySeared – does this having something to do with your name?

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Will not turn the heat on at all (I’m in an apartment) unless it’s really cold or I have company. That’s the way I always do it. I like it cool, with windows open. Of course, this is balmy Seattle.

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I’ll probably be running the a/c half the time.

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I live in Chicago, so it’s very cold, but I don’t pay for heat, so I’m up in the air on what I’ll do. I also don’t have a thermostat so much as how far I open the vents. I’m thinking smidgeonly open?

(Last year I turned the heat on three times. Only. My apartment was probably the warmest naturally in the building. It sucked in the summer though.)

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I think it mainly due to a combination of small apartment and powerful PC combined with the fact my neighbours never turn their heating off. Ever.

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68 unless it gets really cold, then we usually bump it up to 70…

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Here in Los Angeles, heat is rarely required and when cold I’d rather go with a sweater or extra blanket so thermostat will probably be at 66 or so. However, air conditioning is a whole different story.

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No thermostat—I’m busting out my hungarian down comforter!

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I usually leave it at about 63 and pull out the comforters.

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I’ve warned everyone in the house that I’m setting it low this year. I have a programmable thermostat, so it makes it easier to adjust the temp depending on when someone’s home. I have typically set it at 68 for most of the time, but I’m going to toy with 65 and lower this year. At night, 60,,,pile on the blankets and let the cats in bed with me!

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Most days the heater is completely offf. We usually only have to use it a few rare cold nights. Florida. Our energy worry is the other season and the AC.

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78/80 until December probably, then 68. We live in the inland coastal desert, it was 100 today.

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My room gets absolutely freezing in winter. 3 out of my 4 walls are facing outside and I have a flat roof. It gets terribly cold unless I have my feet inside one of my computers. I remember in my old room which my brother is now residing in was delightfully warm, but it was much smaller, I had about two computers running all the time and only one wall faced the outside. It was lovely. Now it’s horribly cold :( I’ve no idea what our thermostat will be set to, but I know I’ll constantly be asking for the heating to be turned on :(

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