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What's the most hated mobile carrier of them all? (Canada & America)

Asked by PIXEL (1233points) September 26th, 2008

For me it would have to be Rogers. Rogers just ruined the iPhone. On July 12 I was so exited to get the iPhone. I rushed to the store then to realize a not even unlimited data plan for 110$? (2GBS!) That’s ridiculous. Rogers has always wanted to rip of their customers. Plus an extra 15$ for visual voicemail. I had to block data on my iPhone and just use Wi-Fi. tear..

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Huh? I’ve never even heard of Rogers.

Anyway, everyone hates T-Mobile. Everyone loves Verizon.

I have Sprint, which I think is fantastic (I’ve had it for 8 years!), but hardly anyone else I know seems to use it.

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Rogers is in Canada. My favorite carriers though would have to be GSM carriers. Because it’s so easy to change phones and you don’t have to wait years to get a new one.

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I’m not to proud of Rogers myself. Apparently when Apple gave Rogers the iPhone they were disgusted by their plans. This is why it took so long for our neighbors to carry the iPhone but when Steve said it would go worldwide they had no choice and had to let Rogers carry the iPhone. This is why there aren’t any iPhones for sale at the Apple Stores in Canada. Your on your own Rogers.

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@Apple hmm I’m not so surprised.

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i used to have verizon and i loved the service – bars everywhere, but what i didn’t like was that you had to do the contract which was, i forget, one or two years, and once you were in the contract you couldn’t lower or raise your minutes. so i had been paying for too many minutes and wanted to lower it and i couldn’t, so i dropped them. i went for a while with what i called the “ghetto phone” which was the bleep. everyone in the ghetto where i work has that one (PTT). now my phone is verizon but it’s given to me by my job, so i don’t care nor do i have any idea what their plan is.

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I don’t like T-Mobile. Problems, problems..

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I have T-Mobile and I have absolutely no problems with them at all. That and they have the best customer service, by far. I heard Sprint is pretty horrible, all around.

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T-Mobile. Worst connections, worst service.

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I’ve had t-mobile for the last 6 years and have never had a problem. During that time I lived in Cali and Illinois. During my cross country roadtrip this summer I had the same amount of service that my in-laws had and they have att. I don’t know why everyone dislikes T-mo so much. Plus their prices are really nice. The only problem I’ve ever had is lack of phones. But now I get an Android handset so I’m cool.

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I’m a recent switcher to Rogers myself, and I’m quite happy. I switched because of the iPhone and I’m paying $55 a month (taxes and fees included) without data, because I don’t have a need for it. For what I get, voice, text, call display, voicemail and a few other extras, I think it is well worth the $55. Rogers offers a 6GB data plan for $30 a month, which is basically unlimited, most people will never use over 500MB a month on their iPhone.

My friend is paying $85 (taxes and fees included) a month and he has voice, texting, call display, visual voicemail and data. Personally, I think that isn’t bad at all. Try comparing that to AT&T’s iPhone 3G plans, I bet they’ll be close.

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All of them, I think.

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A few months ago I would have said I hate Telstra because of their uncompetitive data rates ($1 a Mb unless you buy a “pack” which starts at $10 for 150Mb) but people with the cheaper carriers elsewhere in the country (telstra are the only decent carrier where I live) have had nothing but trouble with their iPhone plans. Telstra also gave me my phone or free, so I’m not complaining!

So my opinion of them has changed, plus they have amazing 3G coverage.

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Surewest in Sac area…pretty much guaranteed to have dropped calls!

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I HATE Sprint!!!

Lame… totally lame…

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Rogers is by far the worst, IMO. However, the OP should note that he has a few more days to sign up for the $30 / 6gb data plan, which is more bareable.

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I hate verizon. Yea i have service everywhere which is nice, but they do everything in their power to strip their phones to the bare minimum. Its ridiculous. I had a razr and Motorola phone tools works on every single Motorola phone except those with the verizon plan. Its crazy to compare a verizon razr side by side to a cingular one. Also stuff like phonezoo you can no longer send games to verizon phones. Theres a whole slew of other things i cant remember right now.

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@argaudette with At&t you can get a 70 dollar plan with caller Id, voice mail, unlimited data, 450 minutes, and free evenings and weekends.

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@argaudette Hmm.. You see that 30$ is for a limited time. Then you got to pay 100$ for less data later on. What happens after that? Specially during the holidays!

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Where do you verizon people get that brillant service from? Here in the back hole know as South Jersey, I barley get a single bar from the confines of my home dont even get me started on my basement.

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Im in south jersey and get pretty good reception. Its hit or miss sometimes in my basement though.

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bell is horrible. its too expensive and you rarely get bars. the disconnection fee for the family plan is 400 dollars per phone. they keep many hidden fees, moreso than most other carriers. their customer service is horrible. i called them on wednesday to complain about the service in the store (the clerk was being extremely rude and treated me like a 5 year old even though im 18 and presented valid id of my adulthood. they dont value potential future customers), and they hung up on me twice. i mean, im paying for good quality customer service, i should get it. they claim that they didnt hang up, so it must mean that it was a dropped call, which is still their fault bcause im paying for a phone service where that shouldnt happen.

they make me so mad

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I hate Sprint and T Mobile. They are the worst where I am.

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I don’t care for verizon…...those “can you hear me now?” ads are very honest….you will be asking if they can hear you now, as you move around looking for good reception.

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@loser: Why do you hate Sprint? It has great, affordable plans, and you get so much for your money… Also, I get service in many places that no one else does. (And this was the case both in Philadelphia and Durham, so it’s not like I just got lucky in one place…)

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@MrBlogger Does that plan include text? I know for a fact that it doesn’t. It also doesn’t include tax or fees. So let’s add on our $20 for text and we’re already at $90 (before taxes and fees) which is more than the Rogers plan after taxes and fees. So looking at that, Rogers seems pretty damn comparable if you ask me.

@PIXEL I know the $30 data plan is limited, but oh well, it’s available at the moment. And the only reason you would have to pay $100 is if you cancel your data plan, which would make no sense at all because the other Rogers data plans are absolutely ridiculous.

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I mean if someone bought the iPhone after the limited time offer ends the price would go up to 100$.

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Got to go with Sprint. Worst experience ever.

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@Mtl_zack I never liked Bell either. I’ve always hated their style. Their phones are just hideous and customer services is gross. I’ve been with everyone except them.

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@iJimmy: What problems did you have with Sprint?

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@girlofscience It’s a long story but they applied some other person’s large payment to my account. So my bills for several months were $0. Since my bank auto pays the bill I didn’t pay much attention. Suddenly Sprint figures it out and adjusts everyones bill. Since I had gone three months paying $0. I now owe about $200 so they shut my phone off. Without warning. That wasn’t the big deal. I understand mistakes. But they refused to turn my phone back on until they got a check in the mail. They also failed to understand that it was their mistake.

Then some time later I moved to a new area code. When I had my number changed. The guy swore. It would not effect my contract. A few months later when I tried to cancel. I found he had extended my contract two years.

Not to mention all the technical issues with the service.

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Anecdote: I get a new phone from T-Mobile a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying to contact them via email with a problem since last Monday. Their customer service says they are responding to email requests within 48 hours. I guess they have a different means of measuring time.

Have had Sprint and Verizon in the past. They suck, too. I’d like to get them all up against the wall and shoot them, but I wouldn’t have any bullets left after dealing with my cable company.

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Hmm. I havn’t heard about At&T. Is At&t Good?

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@PIXEL Honestly. I wouldn’t say any of them are good. Some are just not as bad as others. That being said everyone is going to have different opinions and experiences. I prefer AT&T… today. But I’m sure there are many AT&T haters.

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I have AT&T and I haven’t had any problems. It’s been 6 years now and I still ♥ AT&T.

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To the best of my knowledge, Rogers is the Canadian sect of AT&T… and seeing as Apple has their multi year exclusivity deal with AT&T, I’m sure that any country that has an AT&T affiliate gets iPhones through that provider.

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@McHobbes Rogers used to be Rogers AT&T Wireless, but no longer.

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@argaudette Oh yeah. I remember that. I wonder why they left.

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SPRINT i hate them….. they drop calls all the time

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i hate verizon. random outtages in the midwest.

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Rodgers. I pay $220 a month for 15gb of video from youtube.

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