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If I go to Prague for a vacation what places should I visit?

Asked by Aleksey (1points) August 9th, 2007

I'm heading to Czech Republic soon to Karlovy Vary. And I'm definitely going to visit Prague. I will have only one day to get as much impressions as possible so... What places are the most interesting, the most attractive and worth visiting?

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c_harris08's avatar has a lot of tourist information and travel ideas

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you should visit Natural History Museum, V?clavsk? n?m 68 in Prague because thats the hotel from Mission Impossible

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The Jewish Museum in Prague. The Museum consists of four synagogues, each now displaying objects that the Nazis looted from synagogues all over the Czech Republic. The beautifully restored buildings are a tribute to the history and continuing existence of Jewish life and culture.

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The castle, golden lane, st george's basilica, the old town square, and the jewish quarter

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Whatever you do, don’t leave home without a Lonely Planet guide book. And no, don’t buy the other brand with the nice pictures, it’s got 1/4 of the info. Don’t be cheap, just buy it.

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Here is a list of important Czech cities and towns:

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If you fancy sightseeing I would recomend also Petrinska sightseeing tower or Zizkovska tower. But I think you would be realy missing something if you don’t visit some of pragues clubs. Mecca (the highest ranked), Obcanska plovarna (the nicest interior), Pekelny bar (the best music – electro-house), Prdel (best programme) or any International Club @ Charles UNIversity parties with international presentation battles (main language is english and it’s at least 70% foreighners)

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