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What would have a guy meant when he says that, "She is really nice,she is not like the ones I have known so far, she is different".Could it be a very casual statement or something like a crush?

Asked by prettywoman (4points) September 26th, 2008

The guy has met the girl for just a few hours and he is this carefree,funny and sweet kind of guy,who has never been interested in relationships, always been the career oriented guy.

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Casual, is not big deal…

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Did he say this to the girl?

I think I’d only say that if I had a crush on her.

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I second the thought that he likes her. Otherwise that’s info I would keep to myself.

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I think it’s a strange way of saying he’s interested. Though he seems confused that he’s interested!

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definitely into her. kinda beating around the bush, but he’s into her.

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well he didnot say this to the girl,instead he said to a friend who is a common friend to the girl as well!!

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I still think the same….he likes her!!!!!!

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