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Great movie themes?

Asked by kruger_d (3374points) September 26th, 2008

I’m hosting a the 6th annual Littlefork Film Festival (actually just a weekend of watching flicks with friends) I need to challenge my friend with a great theme that he will need to match with movies. Past themes have been brothers, time, leaks, boats, famous pairs, monster movies, etc. They can be true “themes” that run throughout the story, or genres or just something that shows up in one scene. We like to make them challenging and find unpredictable matches.

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Hope, Triumph, or the Kung Fu movie that’s not about Kung Fu. That’s always fun.

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Be sure to check out the link that AstroChuck posted. There are some great suggestions there!!

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post apocalyptic movies + all the evangelion episodes :)

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the end of the world

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@AstroChuck and scamp: The link is talking about “theme songs” and not movie themes.

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Fictional movies with famous authors as characters
Comedies about people who die and then come back to life (in their body or not)
Movies set on an island
Movies with swords
Movies that have a shot of the Empire state building
Movies shot with handheld camera rather than steady cam or dollys
Movies that are shot like plays in a theatre
Movies set in space
Movies that were supposed to be in the future, but that future date has already passed

that enough?

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Movies with long-shot, come from behind victories by the underdog
Movies featuring a cop during the day/week/month before his retirement
Chick flicks

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Teen Movies
Actual films, followed by their parodies

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Marx Brothers – slapstick comedy… brilliant.

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Possible themes:

-Football (The original Longest Yard, Any Given Sunday, etc…)
-Movies based on “memories” (Eternal Sunshine and Momento are 2 that come to mind)
-1 Actor, 2 Roles (Adaptation, The Man in the Iron Mask, Back to the Future 2)
-Married Couples (Eyes Wide Shut, Swept Away, etc.)

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Thanks everyone. You’ve really got me thinking now. My friend (who is evil) threatened to give me the theme of 18th century German philosophers who eat pastry.

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