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How to stay up all night?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) September 26th, 2008

I am doing a personal test to see what i am like when i do it as i have not done it in a very long time. Any tips?

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Red Bulls and something really interesting to do!!!

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When I want to stay up all night, I just pop a Viagra®.

No sweat…

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C’mon, Jack. If you use the effects of Viagra, there will be some sweating going on, right?

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I keep the bedroom air-conditioned…

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I can introduce you to my bf… he keeps ME up all night fo sho ;)

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Er what exactly is Viagra.

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A series of waterfalls that lie between Canada and the US.

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Now I’m very confused…

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@AstroChuck so that’s why hooneymooners like to go there!!

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Viagra Falls is on one side the border, and on the other is the Horseshit Falls.

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Excuse the above crazies….

Keep the room cool. Drink caffeine….cold caffeine…keep the music fast and loud and if possible, have someone there who can hold a decent conversation.

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You have a hideous avatar, and you call US “crazies?”

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She’s not hideous! And she’ll be in your dreams tonight…

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Folks, take a look at her avatar UP CLOSE, and see if you agree with me.

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Caffeine (pills or coffee). Energy drinks (more caffeine, plus stimulants and sugar, whee). Take breaks from sitting in one spot too long.. periodically move around. Keep the room on the cooler side of things, and don’t play music that might make you sleepy. Sometimes I slap myself lightly on the cheeks or splash cold water on my face.

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now, Jack, just cause she has your teeth…. SHE’S A DOLLY!!! Resembles some of my nun teachers in high school!

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Bump a line :P

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I’ve got to tell you Jack, I love all your answers! What a hoot!

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Thanks, sccrowell!

You’ve just been added to my list labeled: “Those who will share in my Lottery Winnings”

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Woo Woo!!! How about giving my share to dolly, I’ll find her a great plastic surgeon!

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don’t encourage him…it’s like not feeding the bears…

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All right, DD! Just for that crack, you have been permanently removed from my Xmas Card list!

And don’t beg to be put back on it, either!

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@Jack can I be on both lists? Or does it cost any Lurve?

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I would be honored. No lurve required.

I donate my excess lurve to charity, anyway.

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has anyone noticed the ad to the right? EZDOZE? Is someone trying to tell us something? That’s too funny!

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I used to pull a lot of all-nighters in college. I found it very helpful to drink a lot of water. Like maybe a gallon or more. Caffeine is helpful to a degree, but it can also make you feel pretty jittery/fried/whatever.

The key is a good balance of caffeine, water, food, and interesting stuff to do. Take a break every now and then to go outside and breathe a few deep breaths of fresh air, and do some stretches while you’re out there.

And enjoy the sunrise.

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My weapon of choice is Adderall (legally prescribed, of course).
Other than that, energy drinks are your friend. Having something to do helps also…organize your music or watch the Back to the Future trilogy!

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ugh… keep your xmas card. Send me some all hallows lurven…

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My decision to do an all nighter usually happens at 4 in the morning or so when I still have work to do – at that point I figure I’ll be more tired if I go to sleep than if I just power through. After that, I usually get to a point at which my tiredness largely disappears. Keeping active is the main thing – if you find yourself nodding off, take a walk or do some pushups or something.

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get a lover that is a wild freak that you really like and do the nasty all night long until the sun comes up. that does it for me.

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Sleep during day.

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Can’t believe no one has mentioned the obvious…Fluther!

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@Jack I gave you some extra to give away. Makes me feel all warm inside.

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@Celeste00: Your kindness to me is awesome.

Have I already added you to my list of Those who will share my Lottery Winnings?

Consider yourself added!

Thanks for the lurve.

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Take some proplus

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