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Is anyone wearing their Fluther Tee-shirt? Do you have one?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) September 26th, 2008 from iPhone

If not, why not??? I am and do frequently, I have had a few people ask what it means and a person passing by me say, “Oh! Another flutherer” but kept walking… Don’t know who she was because she didn’t stop! How sad….

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I don’t know if I would want my friends/associates in the real world, to know that I secretly Fluther…

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I am actually wearing one right now.

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Hey! John, So am I!! Great minds work alike!
Jack go put yours too!

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I wanted to wear mine today, but I guess it’s in the laundry. I probably wear it once a week. Usually on a day when I’m hoping to feel extra awesome.

I’ve gotten a lot of random compliments on it, both from people I know and from strangers, none of whom had heard of Fluther.

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I’m wearing my Vote Obama t-shirt right now.

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i’d be in trouble if some of my friends knew I was here. I must remain closeted…

And jellyfish don’t really fit my image, whatever that may be.

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It would, if it was a DEAD jellyfish, or one that was disemboweled, with its entrails hanging out, all over creation…

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That was so funny, i forgot to laugh! Out come the Pee Wee jokes!!!!

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where can I get one? Anyone have a link?

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look to the right every so often there’s a link.

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I only fluther on my phone, I’ll have to check it out another time, thanks.

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totally off the subject…sorry. BUT I was looking at my profile and saw I could add myself to my fluther….I thought why not? I like me. I was then linked to a site about narcissisim.
lol I love it!! Made my night!!!!

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I want one that isn’t brown. Does such a thing exist?

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Never mind I got my answer.

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It must be a guy thing, the brown Tee-shirts, but the mint green jellies look so cute and really stand out there! I actually bought 6 of these tees! Different sizes though ..

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it’s so funny you asked this Q today. I wore the shirt all day today and also to a party. i got a lot of “i like your shirt” comments and a few “why is there a squid on your shirt?” comments (don’t ask). i felt greatttt in my fluther tee!

To anyone who wants to buy one, they can do so here

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Thanks for the link, I would have put it on but I’m using my iPhone and I’m having a problem, when I have to backspace, the bloody cursor goes on a rampage and instead of deleteing one or two characters. It deletes one or two lines! That’s the reason I’ve left
Some mistakes. Untouched! I couldn’t believe someone knew the shirt I was wearing but wouldn’t stop! She just mutter it under her breath. Perhaps some disgruntled wife or girlfriend.

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Sorry Bab! I actually meant to put both your name and augustlan.

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@ deaddolly I’m a narcissist too!

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@ spatzielover Cool! We should start a club!

I hate brown. Why wear the color of shit?

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@deaddolly…aww, c’mon; you’re sounding a little bit backed up right now!
just a jab!

ftr-I rock the brown t-shirt a couple times a week, although in all honesty, not everyone can wear that color. I would seriously buy it if it came in an assortment-being a product of the “true emo” era (new wave in the ‘80s), the color black would get my vote (hear me Fluther gods!)

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I’m one of those who can’t wear brown. Quite weird, its such a neutral color. I agree, black is a great idea!! Hint hint!

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Definitely Black would be GREAT!!! White would be good too! Hear us speak thou fluther gods….

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White or gray would be my choice!

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sounds cool to me!!

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Andrew? Ben? You listening?

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I would like to have one, if someone would buy one for me! :)

i r poor.

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