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Are you superstitious?

Asked by deaddolly (3431points) September 26th, 2008

About what? Do you still step over cracks? Freak out when you break a mirror? Mine came from my childhood, how about you?

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No, not really.

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Not superstitious at all.

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None. They are stupid IMO


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Very, and you don’t wanna hear about it.

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Just a little. I will not eat chocolate cake!

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I believe that if you piss off a Moderator, you’ll have bad luck.

Other than that, no…

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That’s because it’s true Jack! So it doesn’t really count as a superstition.

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I have to hear about the chocolate cake thing. There sounds like there’s a story behind that. :^>

To answer the question, no. I’m an atheist and a skeptic.

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I’m an athiest to…but certain ones were pounded into my head:

Not to walk under a ladder.
Always put a coin in a new purse or wallet (you’ll always have money)
When walking with another person, never let a person walk between you; they take your luck.
Never put new shoes on the table (never understood that one).

My elderly neighbor would always return an empty dish with a dollar inside it. his mother taught him that. not sure the reasoning…

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Nope, not superstitious about anything. But just for fun, I sometimes do say “bread and butter” when I walk on the wrong side of a pole. :)

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We’re supposed to say bread and butter when someone cuts in between two walking together. WTF?

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I say peanut butter and jelly when I walk on the wrong side of the pole.
I’m just messing with you DeadDolly. I have no clue either.

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what’s the wrong side of a pole?

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@deaddolly: dunno where it originated or why the phrase “bread and butter” is the magic one to fix the problem. Wikipedia has a bit of info about the phrase, but no real explanation of its origin.

I learned it years ago from an old roommate, and I use it sometimes for fun because it reminds me of her (she lives in another state now).

The “wrong” side of the pole is open to your own judgement, but usually means the opposite from whichever one the other member(s) of your group pass by it on. :)

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If you stand on a toilet. You must get high on pot.

Or you will die!

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I do not walk once a ladder, and at one time I used to turn around if a black cat passed in front of me! Then I had a black cat that had babies and those had babies an one time I had 14 black cats at one time. Whew… Cost me an arm and leg spay fees…,

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I’ve owned 3 black cats in my life (including 1 of the cats I have now), so I’ve never been afraid of them. I’m not really superstitious, but I do knock on wood, and throw salt over my shoulder if I spill some.

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I used to be when I was younger and fairly active in church. However, the superstition fell off at roughly the same rate as my religious involvement.

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I mentioned this in another Q, I believe.

The best thing you can do for an elderly person, is to have them smash a mirror, because doing so will guarantee them that they will live at least another 7 years, just so they can have all of that bad luck.

Living with 7 years of bad luck, is better than not living at all, and with GWB we have already had 8 years of bad luck.

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@Augustian…...wood/salt…then you’re superstitious!

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ok, maybe a little

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no, not really, and i’ve owned two black cats (one at present named Boo Boo).

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nothing to be ashamed of. most come from childhood, I’m sure. amazing how they stick with us.

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@Dolly, Are you afraid of spiders?

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Not superstitious. but I respect archetypes

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@Aug, I too knock on wood!

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Yes! In a strange way!

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For some reason that I can’t explain, I won’t pick up a penny, if it is laying “tails up”.

And I have at least 3 college degrees…

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@jack were the degrees from schools that advertise on match books? lol
just kidding

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No, they were from ads appearing next to the X-ray glasses in various comic books…

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Nah. I don’t believe in luck or coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. Everything good, or bad, that happens in my life, I give all the credit to Him. :)

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i won’t even go there, Sloane2024

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I’ve read your profile. I know. I’m not pushing anything on anyone, and I knew I’d probably receive some frowns from that post, but it’s what I believe. What the majority says or thinks doesn’t influence whether or not I’ll choose to declare the truth. Ignore it if you want.

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I believe everyone should be able to freely post their beliefs on these threads.

Unfortunately, the Moderators don’t share my beliefs, nor yours.

If they DID, then there would never be a notation that reads:

Removed by Fluther Moderators

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i think everyone has a degree of superstition, whether sub concious or not.

And I never associated them with religion.

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@JackAdams i couldnt disagree with you more. Theres a difference between freely posting your beliefs and then just being an asshole or posting nonsense. Ive yet to see a single post removed that was someone posting their beliefs when they followed said guidelines. Stop bashing the mods, without them this site would be shit just like Yahoo Answers.

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@uberbatman Sometimes we need nonsense…it brings ppl back into perspective. I like comic relief. That’s the beauty of these sites…you can read on….or not.

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while i agree with you somewhat in this statement, there is also a time and a place for said nonsense. Im guilty of saying totally irrelevant OT comments now and again. Its just knowing when it would be appropriate and when it wouldnt.

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what may be an inappropriate for you, may not be for others.

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fair enough. But im not the one that goes removing posts. Its done by the mods, they are notified by the community who flags it. So its not just me who thinks it inappropriate but rather a good bit of people.

we just derailed this topic.if you want to keep talking about it PM me so we dont degrade it anymore

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but, there are also those that never flag anyone’s posts. I expect there are a good many of those as well. We’re all free to do what we feel is right. Just what’s right for you and some others may not be right for others.

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No, for the same reason I’m not religious.

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when you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer…
superstition anyway
Hey, hey HEY!

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I was wondering when someone would quote Stevie. :^>

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I was actually quoting Stevie Ray Vaughn quoting Stevie Wonder!

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Ha! Yeah, sometimes I quote Bob Marley quoting Woody Guthrie or Eric Clapton quoting Bob Marley or U2 quoting Jimi Hendrix quoting Bob Dylan…. :^>

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There is an online article on that very subject, here.

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nope, not superstitious here. Can someone tell me what is the point, and what does it accomplish and why do people buy into it? Is it just a game, maybe?

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superstition is a way for people to feel they have control over the unknown.

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jca: great answer!!! thanks

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yes i am. i get it from my grandmom.

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Not very, but I have my moments.

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kinda because of my grandmother.

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not really, but i do silly superstitious things quite often.
i always always lift my feet when i’m in the car as we drive over a railroad track. i hold my breath in tunnels. i wish on the first star and at 11:11. i rub my little buddha statuette when i feel like i need luck. i cross my fingers on occasion.

but do i really believe i’m affecting what’s going to happen by doing stuff like that? not really. but it doesn’t hurt to try. actually, it feels nice to have a sliver of faith in something silly like wishes and good luck. i don’t believe in bad luck though. unless you’re an asshole. i think it’s quite possible that people who are assholes are making bad luck for themselves. but karma is a wholeee different thread.

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