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If you were on death row and had one last chance for somebody to argue the case for your life, would you pick...

Asked by nocountry2 (3684points) September 26th, 2008 from iPhone

…McCain or Obama

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I would pick lethal injection!

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Obama hes a good speaker and seems compassionate(i say seems because well hes a politician so who knows) . McCain would probably just smile the whole damn trail.

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I would pick MY NOSE!

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Jesus Christ

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I’d pick @JackAdams or @dalepetrie. And if I can’t have that, then McBama.

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Wow, thanks tWrex…I wasn’t even part of this thread! I’m honored.

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tWrex: I’m touched!

Anybody who knows me, will tell you that…

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Well, I figured both of you can argue your points until someone is bleeding through their eyes and if you can do that for me, then everyone would be blind and I could escape, thus saving my arse.

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good point!

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I would pick OJ’s lawyer

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Obama in person, Dale in writing.

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augustlan….you read my other post about why I would never run for President, eh?

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I’d pick dale. seriously.

Would I have to pay him?

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@dale: yeah, I was the one who suggested you run!

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I’d pick James Gandolfini.

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deaddolly – I don’t take kickbacks, but I’ll gladly accept donations to my 2016 campaign (gotta give Obama his 8 years).

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Obama, the man is a great orator, the fact that he went to Harvard Law School is gravy. But honestly, I would probably pick my friend Martha, a criminal defense attorney who specializes in death penalty cases, I could never afford Obama.

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Obama. I can’t see McCain appealing to the judge well. (I’m sorry, judge, you just don’t seem to UNDERSTAND the law here, EmpressPixie deserves to be set free.)

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Celeste00 took my answer
I’ll come back if i come up w/ someone else…

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McCain. He’d be all like “I invented lethal injection!”

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Denny Crane and Alan Shore

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