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Do the clothes make the person or does the person make the clothes?

Asked by deaddolly (3416points) September 26th, 2008

Just watched an episode of ‘What Not to Wear’ and thought they would have a field day with me! Wonder what the everyone else thinks…are clothes important to you? to others? Are they a part of who you are?

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Clothes are not huge in my life. I do acknowledge the reality that in our society people are judged on their appearance.

Once I moved twice in two years and did not get a notice about an unpaid ticket (I thought my husband had paid it.), which resulted in my driver’s license being suspended. I had to go to court. The possibilities were jail time, losing my license, and fines. I was terrified. There were several people there that day in the same situation.

I was dressed in my professional business attire. Others were dressed more casually. I got a suspended sentence and a reduced fine. Another women in jeans got community service and a fine three times mine. Part of the difference was the clothes.

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I love that show. What gets me is that people actually feel better after their
make-overs. Stacy and Clinton are very good about making the guests feel good about the way they look. But, if a person doesn’t care about impressing others than why should it matter what a person wears. As marina points out, sometimes it’s necessary to play the game.

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@Marina…yes, we are all judged daily. Sad. While watching WNTW, one of the women was really upset because her old clothes reflected her personality. I have mixed feelings about it. I wear jeans and mostly black clothes. I feel strange and uncomfortable in other colors.

Course I would never wear a serial killer tee shirt to a funeral…

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It’s rather difficult to answer that question, if you live at a nudist camp, most of the year…

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“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. ” – Mark Twain

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god, Jack…i just threw up in my throat a little bit….

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I don’t think clothes actually make you the person you are, but they do affect the type of person other people think you are.

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very true.

So should you change to meet others expectations or stick to your comfort level?

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@deaddolly: I laughed when I saw you composing a comment, and it said, “deaddolly is crafting some bullshit.” LOL


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I personally could care less what others think of me based on the clothes on my back. Having said that, I feel better about myself when I take the time to dress up and put some effort into what I wear. I like the feeling of being crisp, clean and polished. I don’t think the clothes make the person, but I do think the clothes can make the person feel great about herself.

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@jack….time for a bitch slap on your lily white bare ass!

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Would you? Please? While wearing leather? And high heels?

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lol…and my ‘special whip’, just for baaaad boys.

(throwing up a bit in my throat…again!)

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The taylor makes the clothes.

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I think it completely depends on the situation. I could not care less what random strangers on the street think of what I’m wearing. My friends and loved ones will love me regardless. Some workplaces are more lenient, or you don’t interact with the public. That said, for a job interview, trying to make a big sale, meeting someone’s parents, or – as Marina pointed out – court, I would definitely dress for the occasion, not my own comfort.

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I probably shouldn’t answer this question! But what the heck, I love clothes, actually I love only one designer, St. John’s by Marie St. John. Extremely expensive, although I do have a couple of casual pieces jeans, but then those are $300. A pop. I wear her line because they look great on me I feel great, but mostly they are work. If you saw me right now, I’m kicken it on my couch in a pair of black nike pants and my fluther shirt…Comfy Comfy!

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@sccrowell Points for your excellent fashion taste in wearing and mentioning your jelly tee.

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Marina, i agree with you. Sad but true about the legal system and or Courts!
Ahhh…., Jack? Which beach would that be??
Marina it’s the truth. Heck, So is jp! Thanks btw! And jack go put yours on! <grin>

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Marina, congrats on reaching, actually exceeding the 10000+ mark! You go girl!!!!

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@scc Thanks.

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I hate to say it but I would be boring without my clothes. I’m a bit quiet, so my clothes speak for me and tell others what sort of person I am.
I’ve been in situations when I had to wear a uniform (church choir, pe) and I always feel terribly unoriginal. I like to think of myself as a colourful and unique person, but when I’m standing there wearing the same thing as everyone around me, I’m just another one of them, I’m no one special. People can’t see my personality, they just see another vapid clone.

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@Jack @dead do I have to start getting in the middle of these to stop you guys? Cause that doesn’t really sound that bad after all…

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Oh, Celeste…you naughty girl! ; )

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Your clothes should be means of expression, conveying the message you want to send. Choose them as you would choose your words.

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@Celeste00: Are you suggesting a 3-some? Oh boy!

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Personally, I have no style. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Maybe that’s why I’m pretty convinced the person makes the clothes.

@JackAdams, deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth.

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@celeste00 don’t encourage Jack….he’s prolly off humping a tree right now.
@Jack in your dreams and our nightmares!!!!

@generalspecfic best answer yet! Thanks!

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actually, it can go both ways. clothes make a person who really need to, well, do something about their appearance. AND, people make the clothes because they are confident enough to wear whatever. two kinds of people in the world: slobs and trendsetters.

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@Augustlan that I am…

@Jack maybe I should post a question on whether that’s a good idea or not.

@dead Hmmm… that tree must be very excited…

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I’d hold off, for awhile…

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I think it can be both. I really love clothing but I’m very biased anyway cause I’m very girly and into fashion. I believe someone should feel beautiful in their own skin no matter what they are wearing – I’ve seen it before. Someone wearing clothing or jewelry that’s not so physically stunning but they feel good in it, so their confidence is attractive.

But I think it depends on the person. Einstein always just wore a sweater and I don’t think anyone would lessen his intelligence because of his fashion sense.

But I noticed when I look nice I get treated better. People act differently towards you.

I think they are one in the same and compliment each other both. Confidence is key.

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