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Is johnpowells mother still alive?

Asked by jrpowell (40499points) September 26th, 2008

Her first operation was 6+ hours. After that she went into the ICU. Two hours later they had to go back in since there was some bleeding.

Today she is walking and talking. Can eat, poop, drink, and talk. And she wrote me a b-day card. She should be OK. They think she could be out in the next few days.

Thanks for all the positive vibes.

I understand if the powers above want to delete this. I just didn’t want to respond to 30 private comments. I am lazy.


P.S. Today is my b-day and I am going out to party like it is 1999. Later.

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Note to Mods: Please don’t delete before everyone can see it!

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so very glad to hear it! a great b-day present for you. have one on me!

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Is JohnPowell alive?

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@shilolo :: Only because I buy expensive shoes.

Good call on the bleeding thing. You can be my doctor anytime my penis isn’t involved. (inside joke)

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YAY for your mom and Happy Birthday to you! And a Happy POETS ( piss off everyone tomorrows Saturday) Day to you as well.

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Yay, and happy birthday.

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How wonderful! Thanks for letting us know.

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Happy Birthday jp! I’m thankful and relieved your Mom is recovering well and will soon be “never wrong” and blaming you or someone else yet again! This PBR is for you and her jp! Make that two PBRs…one for each of you. A jp “Rock on” to you!!!

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Happy birthday, John. We sting, bitches!

Glad for your moms.

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(thumbs up)

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Happy Birthday and yaay for you and your mum – I’m sure that’s the best b-day present you could get :)

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That’s great news! On both accounts!!!

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I am happy to hear that your mom is doing better. Happy birthday to you!

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@jp; Good news on both fronts. Try not to have any more accidents. We want you to reach 31. I am delighted about your mother, even though I know she is a difficult woman. Perhaps this serious surgery will mellow her and make her kinder.

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Hooray!!!!!!!! Wishing her a speedy, speedy recovering and a wonderful birthday to you!

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Just read this and want to say, I’m glad all went well. Now the question is, have you recovered from your birthday? :0)

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I’m really glad to hear!
Best birthday present ever!

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Happy birthday, john.

And I’m glad to hear your mother is doing well – I missed the bit where she wasn’t. My condolences for past pains.


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Super John….glad to hear that.

Happy Belated B Day!

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