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Why Zippo lighters is so famous ?

Asked by PredatorGanazX (222points) September 26th, 2008

Did any of you guys used Zippo lighters before why is it so famous compared to other more modern butane lighters?

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I think it’s because they are a big brand of refillable lighters, maybe they are older or started selling/making lighters earlier? No clue, actually. This is just like asking “Why is Youtube the most famous video hosting site?”

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I am trying to tap the collective whom actually using it . As for me I like the sound when it flings open ohh yeah the lifetime guarantee is just a bonus..

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Another thing, is that some people don’t even remember the name of brands that also sell butane lighters.

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Perfect brand marketing strategy for Zippo than… sigh

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There are many re-fillable lighter companies still in existence (Ronson for one) and some are quite exquisite. Zippo was successful because not only did their product work, it was also quite affordable.

Zippo also ingrained itself into the subconscious of America during the Viet Nam war. It was the lighter of choice for G.I.s and many pictures from that era show soldiers carrying or lighting up with Zippos. Also, Zippo lighters became something of a memory book for soldiers. They would inscribe their Zippos with all sorts of drawing and inscriptions. It is the art and time capsule of a generation of soldiers.

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