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What do you feel about Google's 10th birthday?

Asked by anthony81212 (389points) September 26th, 2008

It is Google’s 10th birthday today. Celebrate?

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I am looking forward for the G Phone , Google latest proiduct and how it will match up the i Phone ..

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There’s not really any “feeling” that goes along with Google being up for ten years. I like that they are getting into Browsers, OS’, and Phones now though. Well, as long as they don’t end up sucking, I mean.

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Can they survive another ten more years… thats more a topic to be discuss ..

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They’ve got enough data on us to be able to sell us our own souls, so them surviving another ten years is not an issue.

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At the rate they’re going, yes.

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Just one thing that kept in my mind.

Like Zippo lighters company they have survive World War II .. can Google actually survive a world war to begin with…

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Haha @ reference to your Zippo question.

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I always feel that a company that survive world war are the ones that can really withstand the test of times ..

I mean not just an economy turmoil but the pain and surferings of other people that is the greatest challenge of all

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Generally speaking I think Google have been pretty good for the interwebnets, so I’d celebrate that. People get jaded by the hype and ignore the fact they’re great innovators, much like a certain fanboy-leading computer company. Google search in particular is a pretty big deal…

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PARTY! I heart Google, I just heart them more we they grow older.

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Great Answer, Ben.

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That it is time for more regulation about personal privacy.

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@preditorGanzx – “I am looking forward for the G Phone , Google latest proiduct and how it will match up the i Phone .” ME TO!!

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