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Who leaves their home without wearing underwear? And how do you feel/or act differently at the time?

Asked by sundayBastard (605points) September 27th, 2008

You know You are just feeling naughty, or free, or maybe even in a rush, but you have or still do it. and how do you feel when you do it?

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Do boxer shorts count as underwear? Underwear as in equal to briefs?

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Yea man lol same shiza

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Today I left the house without underwear. I just didn’t want to deal. It was nice!

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I do it sometimes. It’s no big deal.

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@emilyrose I know it does feel good but did you ever wonder if anyone could tell? haha

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I often don’t wear underwear, especially during the summer. Saves on laundry. :)

The first few times, I felt kinda sexed up about it; it didn’t take too long for it to become normal, though.

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what kind of question is that!!? It makes no difference at all. ;)

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Most women who go out with me, leave their home without wearing underwear (per my request).

Saves time…

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Is a thong underwear or just a butt bookmark?

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I am far from a prude, but I no longer feel comfortable sans panties when heading out the door. It’s just a comfort thing for me. There was a time when in summer I would wear skirts without undies. I liked the feeling but there is just something about the security of a pair of undies.

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no, i’d feel like i had to pee…

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ahaha. I do it when I get a little behind on my laundry. I feel like I have a secret. :) No one will ever know! MWAHAHAHA. Unless my pants fall down…

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i’ll run out to get the paper or groceries or something quick with just sweatpants on. i’ll only do it when i know i’m coming back home quickly. i never thought about it much. won’t do it if i’m going to be out all day. i’ll also go out without a bra – but only if it’s one of these quick hops.

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I used to hate waking up and having to drive my hubby to work at 6:00 A.M. I would do it, though, without any bra or undies, and in my jammies. One morning traffic was especially bad, I was at a dead stop and the semi behind me didn’t have enough braking room. He smashed into me. I had minor injuries (who knew a Dodge Neon could sustain that kind of accident?) and I was seven months pregnant so I was taken by ambulance to the hospital. The whole time I was in the ambulance and the whole time I was at the hospital all I could think was, “Oh lord, I have no bra, no undies….” I was embarrassed. Thankful….but embarrassed.

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@jca: I always go out without a bra.

I refuse to wear one, ever.

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My friend was in a rush one day to leave the house. It was a warm day so she put on nice summery dress. She went into town to get her photo taken for her driver’s license, before heading to the supermarket. She was walking down the frozen food aisle when she noticed that she felt a little bit chilly down there, and realised with horror that in her rush to leave the house she had forgotten to put underwear on. Now she has a great story to go with her driver’s license- “I wasn’t wearing any undies when I got that photo taken…” :P

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A friend of mine never wears undies with sweatpants or pjs and one time she went to wal-mart in her pjs but they were her boyfriends (with the hole in front). Somehow, she was in the checkout line and her hole exposed her goods and the cashier told her, “please button up I can see your bush”

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@every one of you LMFAO!! This is some funny shiza! I am really F’n laughing!

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@Sueanne Wouldn’t people be able to catch glimpses if you were sitting down with a skirt and no panties?

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@jack stop flaunting your man boobs.

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I worked in a place once where we had centralized data input stations. So, people were using the same computer work areas. A new woman, who had no personal boundaries, announced that she was not wearing underwear and did not wear underwear.

Afterwards, grossed out, we kept a watch as to which machine she went to. Before using it, we gave the chair a quick Lysol spray.

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I could go without a bra on days I know there will be no running. The bouncing around might look fun, but it ain’t.

I went without panties when I wore a dress once, but after realizing I had to sit on public transportation like that, I decided it’s not such a good idea.

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Going commando is a great feeling, but it’s not very practical in the office.

Dangers include: tent-poling and the subsequent precum spot on your khakis, zipper teeth, and for the ladies there’s the aforementioned hygiene issue with skirts-on-seats.

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i do it all the time and it’s no big deal. now i’ve gotten to the point where i hate the feeling of underwear and all that extra cloth down there! and there’s no way i could ever go back to tightie-whities (haven’t worn those since i was about 15 anyway). but, as stratman37 said, there are some issues to be aware of!!

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I love the feeling of not wearing underwear, it makes me feel free. I do not go out in public to much without them, However Calvin Klein for men makes a line name “Naked”, they feel like you do not have underwear on. Guys you should try them very cool!

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id feel really uncomfortable, and probably act weird because i knew about it even if others didnt, so i think it would all round be a pretty bad experience personally…
i guess i just like wearing underwear man =)

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If I’m just wearing sweatpants I don’t wear panties but with jeans I ALWAYS wear panties. That’d be so uncomfortable…

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I hardly ever wear undies, simply because of visible panty line. I don’t feel any different. It feels normal to me.

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I don’t wear underwear.

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