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Do you feel you have a good work ethic?

Asked by jca (36062points) September 27th, 2008

do you go to work and do the best job to your ability? try your hardest? go out of your way to accomplish something? or do you go to work and just do what you have to in order to get through the day? do the minimum necessary? have a negative attitude toward the job, the boss, the organization?

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I should add to that question that if you work for yourself, independently, do you do your best and work the hardest you can every day, or do you try to take it easy.

and to answer my own question, i try to do as little as possible. I spend time on the internet, or doing my own personal stuff, unfortunately, with my job, we have quotas. i have things that i know must get done, and i do them, but i do procrastinate with doing them. if one of my coworkers needs help, however, i will do whatever i can to help them, except for ones who i know would not reciprocate.

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Some parts of my job I am really dedicated to doing well. Others, not so much. There are so many responsibilities associated with my job (teaching at-risk eighth graders) that demand my attention. I try to give my best to each part, but it’s difficult.

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Yes to all of your questions, but only because I am self-employed, and my boss is a prick.

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Yes to the first half of your questions – if I could say yes to the second half, I think I would’ve left my job by now. Couldn’t live with that attitude!

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Yes, I have a good work ethic. I, like wildflower, would not stay in a job that I did not like. I generally have a good attitude toward work and people. You cannot always control your situation. You can control how you respond to it.

I am self-employed. It does not impact work ethic in the sense that I still have clients. It is important to me to do the best possible job. If I didn’t, they would be unlikely to use my services again.

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On most days, I do my best and give my all. I consider my patients not only to be my bosses, but also I treat them the way I would want myself or my loved ones to be treated if they were seeking health care. Because of this, my patients compliment me fairly regularly, which is very rewarding.

But the paperwork aspect of my job can be cumbersome, and I do have some patients that try my patience!! So I have my moments when I might not go above and beyond.

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I have good work ethics, but I get bored with things very, very easy and boredom turns into dislike! I’m outta here!

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I have a good work ethic. I’m one of those annoying people who wins Employee of the Month (and year) awards. I am not an ass-kisser, I just believe that it’s my responsibility to not only do my job, but make my boss and the company look good while doing it. When working for myself however, I have a very big problem with motivation. I find it difficult to get started.

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Yes to all the question, but it is soo hard when others don’t including management… It is the almighty $$$ sign.

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Hmm. At work, it’s been over six months since I worked steadily. Oddly, I just got a raise.

I used to work hard, and when I’m doing my own work, I stick to it more than other work. But I’m sick, and it’s hard to concentrate, and sometimes I just can’t get myself to do anything. I’d rather hang out here.

WHen I do work, I do good work. People are constantly thanking me for what I do. But it gives me this real weird sense of cognitive dissonance, since I know I sit on my ass all day doing nothing, and here everyone is thanking me for it.

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Yes and no.

When it comes to projects, problems, etc. that I can really sink my teeth into,
I’ll try my hardest and really go above and beyond what is expected of me.

But when it comes to the usual in-and-outs, I’m really quite terrible.
I lose interest and just get by with the minimum.

I’m working on getting better at it.
Though it’s kind of like what Daloon said.
Even if I think it’s the minimum, people are always super thankful.
Not the best motivation to change those habits.
But I’m trying to nonetheless.

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well, I prefer working for myself. whatever how ur important in other company u must call a people “BOSS”.!

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eh…not really

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I agree with Augustian… Being a good worker is all about making the business look good. Each employee represents the business as a whole.

I always take great care with my work. I want my boss to feel like he couldn’t run the business without me; I like to be depended on.

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I am the best .I wish I could hire me.maybe I am lucky,I have had no trouble finding people I could depend on. I have found most people do their best if you tell them(make it clear) what you want and just get out of their way.

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