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Is "Weird Al" Yankovic gay?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) September 27th, 2008

I’ve always wondered if he is, and if I found out that he is, it wouldn’t change a thing, because I would still be a devoted and loyal fan.

Weird Al rules!

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Do you think someone here would have inside information, Jack? Seems like you’re starting to scrape the bottom of the Jack Adams Question Barrel.

To mods: Can’t we please have a “Silly Question” area in which to cast a vote?

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Doesn’t he have a wife and kid? He’s never set off my gaydar!

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He sets off my HI-LARIOUS-DAR though

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@thetmle: Yes he has a wife and child, but a former governor of New Jersey also had a wife, and resigned from his post, after annoncing to the world that he is gay.

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Does it really matter if he’s gay or not? He’s a great artist!

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Love him, he’s hysterical!

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@googlybear: I ask strictly out of curiosity, as I already stated in my question that I am devoted and loyal admirer of his, and would remain so, regardless.

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Before he was married and had a child, it was answered directly with a “no” on his official website . I could no longer find it on there, so I suppose he deemed unnecessary and people would stop asking.

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I ran into him in Las Vegas, once.

Fortunately, I was driving under 20 MPH…

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na he’s not my friend met him at one of his concerts in the 90tys and remained friends with him, supposedly he’s a great dude, that’s just as normal as the rest of us.

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Gay people are NORMAL also.

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MOST are normal – just like MOST srraight people are NORMAl. But being NORMAl is so overrated….pretty boring too imo!

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Actually, I don’t know many “normal” people! We all have our quirks!

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The ones without the quirks are the ones you need to watch out for ;-)

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i was refering to him being “weird” not gay, mr. overly sensitive

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