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Can Anyone Recommend A Good Place to Buy An Orthopoedic Pillow in San Francisco or San Rafael?

Asked by Pietro (65points) August 9th, 2007

I am looking for a pillow that can firmly and comfortably support my head in a perpendicular position when I sleep on my side and perhaps on another part of the pillow be soft enough for my head to rest nearly parallel to the bed when I sleep on my back. Thank you!

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Hi Pietro, I am not sure, but I have heard ads for Relax the Back Shop. Maybe you can call them?

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If you're willing to go to the east bay, try Foam Creations on 1120 Solano Ave in Albany.

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Nova at Bed, Bath & Beyond or Linen & Things.

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Just realized your question was posted 7 months ago, but just in case you haven’t found what you are looking for. You can always try to walk into a Chiropractic Office and see if you can buy one. They may also be able to special order one for you.

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