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How to stretch a knee?

Asked by Evan (805points) September 27th, 2008

The left, outer side of my knee has been hurting since I started running again, but it almost just kinda feels like it needs to be stretched a little bit. I remember from cross country (way back when) that we used to do a stretch that could help.. anyone know how that goes?

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I’m gonna try to explain it, but I doubt it’ll be any good. Alright, so sit on the ground with one leg straight forward and the other one bent (almost underneath you, but to the side). Now lean back. It’s gonna stretch more than your knee, but it should help to stretch that out as well. I’ll try to find my other stretches.

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This page has a list of stretches with drawings… I think the one you’re looking for is called Iliotibial band stretch.

Here is another Iliotibial band stretch.

(FYI- I found those and MANY other pages with a simple web search using the words: stretching exercises leg knee)

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You put your right foot in. you put your left foot out. you do the hoki poki and you turn it all about!

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Maybe you should ask your doctor why it is hurting before trying to treat it yourself. If you damaged a ligament or tore a meniscus, You may do further injury b self diagnosing your problem. I am still trying to recover from knee surgery back in January, and believe me, you don’t want to do anything that will damage your knee worse! I hope you feel better soon.

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@sundayBastard : I have to laugh, is that the Hawaiian spelling of hokey pokey? Also, I laugh because it’s funny.

I agree with scamp- if it’s just muscular or tendinous tension you could benefit from a sports massage therapist who can assist you with facilitated stretching. If it’s a repetitive strain injury (from doing the same activity over time, like your running routine) any stretching could make it worse. No stretching or massage on an area that’s been injured within 72 hours is generally the rule, but if you’re continually injuring the area, it will constantly be inflamed and unworkable.

Does it hurt to flex or extend your knee from sitting position?

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