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Do you have any thoughts regarding the passing of legendary actor PAUL NEWMAN?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) September 27th, 2008

He was 83 when he died Friday (9–26-08) in his Connecticut home, and my fondest memories of him, are what he once told an interviewer, about his wife (and fellow Oscar® winner), Joanne Woodward, with whom he had one of Hollywood’s rare long-term marriages.

“I have steak at home, why go out for hamburger?” Newman told Playboy® magazine when asked if he was ever tempted to stray.

They wed in 1958, around the same time they both appeared in The Long Hot Summer and he directed her in several films, including Rachel, Rachel and The Glass Menagerie.

I, for one, will miss him very much. His company, Newman’s Own, raised million$ for charitable organizations, worldwide.

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He is an example to us all of a life well-lived in so many different ways. He made the world a better place, he loved, he had fun.

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Sad, yes. He was a great actor and seemed like a fine individual. The giving back thing was commendable. My mother will be especially sad, she was just talking about those blue eyes. At 83 herself, in response to an invitation, she will sometimes tell people, that as long as Paul doesn’t call, she will be available. :>)

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He will truly be missed. He seemed to just be an all around good caring person.

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He and his wife live near here – on a sustainable spread. He was a gentle, modest, and nice man. He never tooted his own horn, made wonderful movies, and during the interviews I saw, underplayed his good looks and talent. He was a real actor- meaning that he was very versatile and didn’t play to type. I’ll miss him. And yes, he was very good-looking, even at 80.

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Here is some more information on/about him, taken from the IMDB, and some of them are regarding how he wishes to be remembered, in a way…

“I’d like to be remembered as a guy who tried – who tried to be part of his times, tried to help people communicate with one another, tried to find some decency in his own life, tried to extend himself as a human being. Someone who isn’t complacent, who doesn’t cop out.”

“Better than Montana… and my wife and I found a nice cemetery here.” [On why he decided to stay in Connecticut.]

After being asked so many times what the secret was to being married so long to Joanne Woodward, he was asked yet again and simply responded, “I don’t know what she puts in my food.”

Has said he did not want his epitaph to say two things: “Here lies Paul Newman, who died a failure because his eyes turned brown,” and “Here lies the old man who wasn’t a part of his time.” -1960’s.

Owns The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp, a summer camp for children with cancer and other blood-related diesases (and their siblings) in Ashford, Connecticut, and also runs a fall “Discovery” program for inner city kids, also in Ashford.

What a wonderful Humanitarian he was!

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he was one of a few classy hollywood actors. very few are around now that can hold a candle to him.

I loved his movies.

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And he would have loved YOU, if he had known you…

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I know that much is true….lol Gotta love me!

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Well, I know that I do!

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I’m 37. For as long as I can remember, I thought Paul Newman was breathtaking. His looks, his actions and how he lived. In his 70’s, he did an interview, I believe in Life Magazine, there was this amazing photo of him, a black and white – he still was incredibly handsome.

Through one of my jobs and working with charities, I met him a few times, never once was he anything but down-to-earth. He was always looking for ways to give back. For all the years I saw him for his acting and wonderful looks, I walked away finding out that for all he was on the outside, he 100x that, on the inside.

I’m sad. I loved his acting, I admired his drive and respected his belief in giving back. He will be missed.

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God should have take Randy Newman instead.

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He was a fine actor and a fine human being. I met him once in the late sixties (yes, we were campaigning for the same candidate!), and I was impressed by his humility and his wonderful blue eyes. He’s a guy who was truly, in ‘60s lingo, part of the solution instead of being part of the problem, and he was that for decades.

I will miss him.

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Thank God he was allowed to stay for as long as he did and was not taken too early in life as so many wonderful people are.

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He was pretty much amazing;
as an actor, as a husband, and as a humanitarian.

One of my favourites and always will be.
I think I will always remember where I was when I heard the news.

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I watched ‘Nobody’s Fool’ last night for the umpteenth time. Such a wonderful movie with such wonderful performances, including a fine one by Newman. The L.A. Times describes him in this movie as being “aged to perfection.” I agree.–2008sep29,0,1647848,full.story

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@tabbycat – that is one of my favorites! My husband just saw it for the first time, not too long ago.

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