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Would the following situation annoy you? What does annoy you?

Asked by gimmedat (3951points) September 27th, 2008 from iPhone

Would you be annoyed if you routinely received solicitation materials in Spanish simply because you have a Hispanic surname? I get tons of mail in Spanish! My family name is Hispanic, but our first language is English. It seems so presumptuous on the part of these companies and it annoys me!

What do you get annoyed by?

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Do these companies also send solicitation in other languages to others with ethnic sounding last names? Whose job is it to decide those mailing rules? Is there someone who sends Russian solicitation to the Russian sounding named people?

Yeah, it’s goofy, and no, I don’t lose sleep or anything else. More mailings appeared today and I just wondered what annoys others. You know, those little things that get you!

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I get annoyed by pretty-much any company that thinks they know what interests me.

I get very little mail from naked black women, even though I certainly do try to get on those lists!

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Yes, that would tick me off. At least you can throw it out. or send it back to them…refuse it. I would never assume someone speaks any language because of their last name.

stupid ppl annnoy me the most; those that lack common sense. They shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

also, ppl that abuse the welfare sytem.

and (I’ve a few!), ppl that constantly point out other ppl’s typos.

And, yes the foreign telemarketers that can’t pronounce your name or that you can’t unserstand.

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I am not even trying to get involved, but I will say that it’s important to some people. Myself included.

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To be on topic, yes, gimmedat, that would annoy the hell out of me. Junk mail alone annoys me quite a bit, much less the whole racial-profiling thing. Sheez.

I also am really annoyed by people who have no common sense, who act without regard to anyone or anything around them, oblivious people, ignorant people, bigoted people, oh, and what really annoys me is when people say, “That’s so gay.”

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[Fluther Moderator]: let’s stay on topic please (or else take it private). Thanks everyone!

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Although I have a Polish surname, I have never once received a solicitation in Polish. That kind of bums me out though, I think it would be quite interesting to see what a Polish Solicitation looks like.

What annoys me? Hmm, narrow-mindedness.

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I missed the off topic stuff. Darn.

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I had responded with:
Then lern two spel propurlee!

She responded with:
How gives a flying fart?

I then asked:
Shouldn’t that be HOO?

That was what was unfairly deleted by a Moderator, and this identical message has also been sent to you by PM.

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[Fluther Moderator]:

@JackAdams: Kindly review the guidelines and you’ll see why your posts were deleted.

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I don’t really care. It all goes into the recycle bin anyway.

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You have the last laugh. No doubt you are so annoyed that you would never buy that company’s products or services. You can also get on the Direct Marketing Association’s Do Not Mail list.

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I had a friend in grade school; blonde hair, blue eyed little surfer girl.
But every year, she would end up in the ESL class because her last name was Salvador.
You’d think after the first or second time, they’d get it right. Apparently not.

I think she would have preferred the junk mail.

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