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What's the deal about Under Armour?

Asked by shineyshark (42points) September 27th, 2008

Hey guys, what’s the deal about under armour? Do they really live up to the hype? I have heard a lot of negative things about some of their products like shoes and positive reviews about some others. What is your overall view of their products? Do they live up to the hype?

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I’m too fat to look good in spandex. Ergo, I do not like their products.

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I work in construction, so Im outside in the winter alot, and swear by Under Armor. The only things I have tried so are the cold weather undershirt and long johns. When I wear them, I need to wear minimal heavy clothing on top, which makes it easier to move and work.

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I have a pair of Under Armour pants, a long sleeve shirt, and some socks(all the cold weather kind) and i gotta say i love all of them. They definitely keep you warm. My sister has an Under Armour hoodie and she seems to love that as well. Dont know about the hot weather clothing, but ive heard its pretty good.

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I wear Under Armour everything for baseball. Jockstrap, sliding shorts, pants, undershirt, socks, cleats, sweatbands, bag, and gloves. I am completely satisfied, and love all of their products.

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Its great stuff for working out and playing sports. I’ve got the hot weather stuff and the cold weather stuff and its really pretty awesome. The socks are great (none of them have worn out). I don’t know much about their cleats, but they might be sub-par for the price (just a guess). Its not unusual for companies to fortify themselves around their really awesome products (in this case the lycra stuff or whatever its made out of) and then branch out into other stuff once people know the brand name…

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I wear Under Armor t-shirts under my (polyester) uniform. They wick moisture away from my skin and don’t stay wet or clammy. I love ‘em!

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