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Why does Sarah Palin have so many supporters?

Asked by shineyshark (42points) September 27th, 2008

She has proved time and again that she is not fit for the job. Her interviews are a mess. Her ideas are radical and she does not have any foreign policy experience. Why do you think even after all these shortcomings Palin has so many supporters?

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What makes you so sure she does? Her approval ratings have been dropping and the post-convention bounce for McCain is gone.

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@Marina, if what you say is true then it’s great news!

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Many voters who are staunch Republicans consider this election as hinging on only one issue – that of choice. They are immoveable, for now, at least.

And given the daily cataclysmic events, I would make no predictions on anything now, except that the maple leaves are turning crimson now.

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She appeals to many different categories. She’s a mom, which appeals to many many women. She is just a picture of someone who is down to earth. People are usually fooled by image at first, so I hope her hype goes away soon.

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A large portion of Clinton supports jumped to McCain after Palin was announced. There are so many women who want another woman in office regardless of credibility, based on the fact that she’s a woman.

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i really don’t know, but i’m still prettty bummed that i’ll be too young to vote by a mere four days, so i really haven’t been paying attention to the election.

however, my father claims it is, as queenzboulevard said, she appeals to tons of different people, but also because apparently she cleaned up alaska pretty quickly, and it’s no doubt that the states need some cleaning up too.

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I just can’t believe that that is true (even though it very well may be). Who, in their right mind, that actually understood what Hillary stood for, could then support a Republican. Let alone the vacuous use of space called Sarah Palin? I think it is insulting to all women that the McCain campaign picked Palin in the first place. Hillary and Palin are not even close to being compareable. One would think that there are any number of more qualified women in the Republican party (and if there isn’t then that’s perhaps even more telling). Anyway, I think the “Hillary supporters are supporting Palin” is a myth completely fabricated by the Republican party that the typically bias media continues to parrot. I hope for all our sakes that voters are not really that stupid.

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@beccaly: Cleaning up Alaska as in removing Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, who now finds himself in a Washington DC federal courtroom defending a seven count indictment?

Sorry that you can’t vote. It must be frustrating. Stay informed and politically active.

Some of Hillary’s supporters were temporarily disgruntled but have now calmed down and are behaving like grown-up members of Hill’s party.

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@beccalynnx we definitely hope voters are not that stupid, but as someone mentioned earlier, there are women out there who could care less about her credibility. They just want a woman in the office. That really seems dumb and irresponsible. If women vote her to presidency they are the real losers. They will definitely lose my respect.

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I mean @Maverick for above not @beccaly

@beccaly where did you get your news? She did a real bad job with Alaska. She abused power, she hired lobbyists to get in funds for the bridge to nowhere and all other nonsensical projects. She is a lier, a fraud and a fanatic at that.

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Honestly the only reason I like her is ‘cause she looks like Tina Fey.

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@ shineyshark, my “news” is all my father’s words. i really am not well informed about palin, so i really have no opinion.

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@ artificalard, when i saw that SNL skit, i thought it actually WAS palin for about half a second.

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You know, I bet plenty of people in the sports world are in favor of her candidacy, too.

I have heard that she has a lot of athletic supporters.

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@beccalynnx I know! She’s perhaps the only political candidate on SNL that’s a better version of the actual person.

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Tina Fey is WAY, WAY hotter. Way. (and also intelligent, so another “way” for that)

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People voting for obama because he’s black…...people voting for palin because she’s a woman…...ironic.

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Not voting for Obama because he’s black but because he has the energy, stamina, ideas and the spirit to lead the US through the turmoil that is about to break loose.

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I’m starting to believe Tina actually is Palin .

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bahaha. artificialard, that’s awesome.

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Haha! Look at all the people trying to capitalize on this Tina Fey as Sarah Palin SNL series…

P.S. Check out my website for a fresh commentary on this destined to be classic!

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Its not support for her, she is not running for president, McCain is, and it’s support for him.

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