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What to do about a bad internet provider?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1986points) September 27th, 2008

My girlfriend’s apartment complex is forced to use this shitty provider called I-Speed. The internet randomly kicks out and playing games online is damn near impossible. We’re in a new city and can’t afford to take the bus any where, so really playing Xbox is our main form of entertainment. (Our friends go home on weekends and leave us here alone). We can’t take this anymore. The landlord won’t allow us to switch providers and the company has tried numerous times to fix it, but nothing. Is there anything we can do to make them let us switch to Comcast or Verizon?

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Why wont the landlord let you switch? I mean you would be paying for the service yourself. I dont see why this should be an issue at all, id try and talk to him about it.

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We have many times. Apparently the complex is run by some corporation. They are persistent on not letting us switch.

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Also, how fast 56 mbps? I’m almost positive my parents house it more than double that with Comcast.

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you mean kbps? cause if you were getting 56mbps i dont think youd be having any issues. Take the speed test

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I’ve got Cox.
Does anyone here have Cox?
Whats you’re feelings on Cox?
I got 4 months of credit a month ago.
And I’ll tell ya’-
keeping a signal…
Is like a public bathroom light switch.

(High Points: (a)24hr. tech support…“Hey, thanks for telling me to unplug it and plug it back in!”
(b)Credits…thanks for acknowledging that my service sucks)

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i think you just wanted an excuse to say “i’ve got cox” and ask us what our feelings were on cox. :P

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You should have something in your lease paperwork stipulating what you can and can’t do. I’d look over that stuff and see if there’s a clause that stipulates you have to use their internet service. If not, go get it. It’s not like they’ll have to run a new line. Just go with something like ATT and all you’ll be using is the phone line.

I had Cox when I lived in Cali. They were pretty bad and overpriced. They’re like Comcast here in Illinois. the gay pride parade has loads of cox. sorry. had to get said.

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I’m not sure they can legally force you to use their service. It’s not like it requires physical changes or damage to property to switch. It’s almost as stupid as them saying you can only drink Pepsi if you live there. I would get some of the other residents and fight it. Or maybe call another ISP who will want your business and ask them if a landlord can do that. A law was passed several years back making it illegal for a landlord to prevent you from getting sat tv as long as you could do it with no property damage or structural changes. I don’t believe that law covers this but it does set a precident for a similar case.

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