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Is someone following me?

Asked by maybe_KB (669points) September 27th, 2008

I’ve had 2 questions & 5 answers removed.
Is it a automatic system sweep (Moderator) that takes action or a fellow Flutherian?
Who is ‘The Moderator’?
(The Terminator?)

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Have you confirmed your email address?

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Is that that Marco thing on top?

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Yeah. You should have gotten an email asking you to confirm your e-address. If you don’t, your questions and answers are removed.

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[mod says:] Maybe_KB has already confirmed his/her email address (i just checked). Also, we are not removing Qs/Answers by someone if they didn’t confirm their address. The verification process is to help keep away spammers and to identify the “suspicious” users. As for whether someone is following you, maybe, I couldn’t say for sure, but it isn’t anyone from the Fluther staff. Contrary to what might be the opinion, we are actually very busy people and don’t really have the time to follow any user all the time. I don’t know what quips and Qs you speak of, but if you PM me the link to the quips and tell me what the Qs were, I could probably figure out why they were removed.

There are many (9 in all) moderators on Fluther (it’s not a “system”, real people). These include me, sndfreq, omfgTALIjustIMDu, richardhenry, shilolo, sferik, brownlemur, andrew & ben (the last 2 being the founders of fluther too)

A good way to ensure that your quips/Qs are not removed is to follow the Fluther guidelines available here – and see what kind of Qs/answers are usually appreciated by the collective. Also, another thing to remember is that moderators rarely remove Qs/quips on their own. Both are usually flagged by other members of the collective, and that “flag” reaches us and then we decide whether it should be removed or not. If a Q/quip is flagged by a lot of different jellies, then we know something is wrong. Hope I answered your Q, and if not, please let me know. Also, remember you can PM any of the mods whenever you have further Qs :)

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My! PnL, You can tap in and answer my Qs just like that?
(Holy music

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^^ “Try not to be too silly” is a sub-guideline. Sillies——->Yahoo!

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gee…just like big brother is always watching…

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big brother is always watching…

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I knew it.

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