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What's the difference between Fluther and a chatroom?

Asked by robmandu (21285points) September 27th, 2008
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Going by a couple of users disregard for the guidelines, I’m starting to wonder if there is a difference to be honest with you.

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Is this a riddle?


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Volume and variety of conversations

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I would say that each question could be like a guided chatroom, but it’s not quite the same. We can’t see who is watching at any moment, to start a new topic you have to start a new question, ideally we’re thinking about responses more than just verbally vomiting.

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To get to the other side!!!


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Well, you’re supposed to be responding to the question. Question and Answer, you know?

Where as in a chat room, people talk randomly about anything usually.

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I’ve never approached this site as a “Social Network” and don’t know when or how it became one—maybe when someone at Apple listed it as such on the iPhone web apps page? I always thought it was intended as a resource: ask a question, get an answer.

I do enjoy some of the witty responses to comments, but other times, I find the back-and-forth within a thread to be intrusive – especially when it really doesn’t relate to the topic.

It seems as though the site simply evolved that way, because many of the original users knew one another, and many more have gotten to know each other through the site.

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So True!

Did anyone else notice v2.0 on the chest? I wouldn’t wanna see the 1.0!

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Myself, I would say it is more like a forum.

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We’re a lot more personal in the chat room than we are in on fluther.
We talk about completely random shit in the chat room vs answering an actual question on fluther.
Its like cheers in the fluther chat room(WHERE EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME)
Discussion in the chat room doesnt get modded for being against “the guidelines”
You can somehow waste even more time in chat vs on actual fluther.
Chat room is more fun IMO.

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The real-time interactivity normally found in chat-rooms has been relegated to stop-action; and we can’t use smilies.


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they are two totally different things. I enjoy answering reasonable questions here and this site has nothing to do with love or any of those sappy stuff.

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