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Have you ever recorded you and your partner having sex?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) September 27th, 2008

Has anyone made a video that later came back to haunt them?
Have you lost track of it? Or did you get rid of it?

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No, for precisely the possible reasons you name. Look at Jamie Lynn Spears and the baby nursing photos.

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I suspect someone made a video of me without my knowledge. It was a very long time ago but every now and then I think about it and wonder if it will surface one day. ugh…it makes my stomach hurt! Anyway, that was the reason for this question.

@marina, that’s just wrong. people are sick.

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No. It never crossed our minds. Thank heavens.

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@trudacia Do you have any way to ask for sure or to try to get it back or have it destroyed? Could you cultivate a friend of this person?

I am sorry that happened.

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@Marina, thanks but it’s not for sure…at all. It could be just my paranoid mind. I was young but thinking back the whole scene was just kind of sketchy. I have no idea where this person is now. I do still have friends of friends…but it would be much too embarrassing to ask.

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I shall hope for your sake it does not surface. If it does, most people will judge the sicko fimer who made it public and not you.

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@trudacia – hopefully if it does surface it will be because you have become rich and famous and they are just trying to cash in.

If that happens, Prosecute

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I’ve done this, but it’s not like it wasn’t consensual. It can be fun.

I think that you just need to be careful with who you let photograph you. Assuming that the people you love will betray your trust is pretty cynical.

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No way. I do not want to see that.

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I think there is enough porn out there.

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My wife and I have a bunch of old homemade pornography that we can never watch as, sadly, we’ve broken our pornograph.

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I had some terrific 8mm “home movies” of me and an ex GF.

When we split up, I destroyed all copies of them, while she watched me do it, so she would never have to worry about them re-surfacing.

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Good God, no!!

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We taped ourselves once. We watched it afterwards and we were like…. wow….really?........DELETE! Thank god it feels better than how it looks. :)

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@ astrochuck – fricken hilarious. Did you fall on it or what?

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@Jack I don’t think she would have had to worry about 8mm film ever. I mean, I know super 8 was cool and all, but I just don’t see it making a comeback anytime soon.

Now this thread is giving a lot of ideas. I used to never let people keep any risque pics of me, but I’m getting more lenient in that respect.

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Nope. But I don’t mind if other jellies post theirs here.

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