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Who is an expert on Leopard's Spaces?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) September 27th, 2008

When I click + to add an application to a space, Finder, System Preferences, iTunes, and Other drops down. Is there a way to go straight to Other? I swear it used to do it, and the drop-down menu of three apps I don’t want is getting annoying.

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Not quite following you…though I will say a great shortcut for switching between apps (even across multiple spaces) is to hold down Command (Apple) while pressing the Tab key; this brings up the Application switcher, and pressing Tab repeatedly cycles through each open App.

You can also Tab through and while continuing to hold down Command, press either “H” to hide the app, “Q” to Quit the app, or click on the mouse to select that app. Also, Command+Shift+Tab cycles in reverse.

That’s probably not the answer you’re looking for, but if you could elaborate on clicking ”+” (I’m not sure what you mean), then maybe I can learn more about the scenario.

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Ok so here’s how it works: if you already have iTunes, Finder and System Preferences in designated spaces, then clicking the ”+” will take you straight to your applications folder (aka ‘other’). However, if you have not put those apps in spaces, they pop up in the drop down as ‘suggestions’.

If you don’t want to see the small drop down every time, what you could do is just add the three apps you mentioned to ‘Every Spaces’, hence removing them from the drop-down without having to put them in only one particular space.

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@sndfreQ In the Exposé & Spaces section of System Preferences the ”+” to assign an app to a space.

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cool thanks you guys…can’t wait to try it when I get home (out on iPhone at the moment). OS X rocks!

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@queenzboulevard: Did you get it to work?

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I wish that Apple would correct Spaces to be more like the multi-windowing system in other Unix-like GUIs. For instance I would LOVE to see it handle a different background for each Space. It would make it easier to distinguish between them. I used to do this is Solaris and it was easy to tell where I was all the time.

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@maccmann: I agree, a bit more flexibility would be good, although I find that different backgrounds can get irritating if you are constantly switching between spaces (like I do). I just have the ‘Show Spaces in menu bar’ option turned on, which shows a small, non-intrusive square with the number of the space you are currently in.

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