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Sex after childbirth?

Asked by knittingandcanning (346points) September 27th, 2008

How long after you gave birth were you able to have sex comfortably? For me, it was 5 months.

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Like 3 or 4 months….

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First child, probably 2 months. By the third one, 2 weeks!

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augustian: Wow! That’s kind of astonishing!

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Well, you know…practice makes perfect! ; )

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Hmmm… I think it was probably about 2 months… give or take a few. I didn’t tear at all though.

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About 6 weeks -comfortably. :^>

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My partner and I tried at 6 weeks but it wasn’t comfortable – nothing like we were used to. I guess I should’ve expected it to take me a while to feel back to normal. This is my first baby, I had a good amount of internal tearing, not much externally, a uterine infection that kept me bleeding for 5 hours after delivery and my uterus did not contract by its self (drugs were necessary unfortunately). Because of all this I was taken to the hospital (home birth) and had to have a blood transfusion since I lost so much blood. My daughter is healthy, though, so no worries!

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I’m still waiting (6 months) for things to be as good as they used to be. It stinks. It’s finally not painful though, which is good.

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We tried at 4 weeks post partum. I only had two tears, and one was a second degree, the other I don’t know what it went to the side which they said was one of the worst to get.
One thing that we needed was lots and lots of lube, for at least the first six months. My body just didn’t produce enough lubrication, so we were all about the KY.
My doctor wasn’t happy that we tried so early, but I know women who’ve done it days after giving birth!
I think my issue was, from tearing, if he moved in a weird direction, it would hurt my scar. But, it’s been 20 months and it doesn’t hurt at all, and we don’t need lube any more.

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I’m not a woman but I think a couple of hours should be plenty of time. Flag away.

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