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Who delivers in Burlington, VT past midnight?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) September 27th, 2008

Ironically, this question is kind of time sensitive, although I doubt very many of you are on right now…

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I can’t directly answer your question, but I can give you a tip on how to find out. Right now I work for big giant lab company that has workers all night and there is one place that’s open until something like 4am, just because it’s just down the street from the lab. When I worked at the hospital before working here, there was another place that was also open until 4am because they were very close to two hospitals. If you have a big hospital near you, call around… chances are there’s a pizza/sub type place open after midnight that delivers.

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An excellent source of information for that, is not only hospital staff (as noted above) but other workers who would know would be:

1. Police officers
2. Firefighters
3. Anyone who works at TV3, WCAX-TV

Good luck!

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note: I meant call restaurants, not the hospital. lol

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i think the place is called 4 star, you can call them and they pick up from pretty much anywhere.

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