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Why do my teeth hurt when I run?

Asked by krose1223 (3254points) September 27th, 2008

Or do any strenuous activity for that matter. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold outside, and I’ve tried breathing only through my nose… It always seems to kick in when I start feeling winded…

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does it feel like your jaw is also really tight?

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You might be clenching your jaw. Make an effort to hold your teeth just slightly apart during times of strenuous activity.

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i haven’t a clue, but you aren’t alone. my best friend complains about that a lot. i thought he was just being weird, but i guess he was being serious.

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No my jaw is relaxed. I ran track before so I have been somewhat instructed how to relax and whatnot. It’s an achy (sp?) feeling in the bottom of them. My jaw is fine.

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i have the same problem! and its not my jaw that is hurting it is my actual teeth. its like a sharp pain on the inside of my teeth.

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Do you have any sinus problems? That might cause it.

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cool/cold air? Do you run with your mouth open?

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Have you had your wisdom teeth pulled yet? If not the pain can be from that. A friend of mine had the same symptoms and the dentist pulled the teeth;(

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Is it your teeth or your gums? I used to get horrible pain in my gums when I ran.

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well i know i have had sinus problems in the past and i do run with my mouth open.. and i havent been running since i got my wisdom teeth out. I have played soccer and basketball but it doesnt occure when i play only when i run my 2 miles on my own time. and yes its my teeth not my gums. haha i know i didnt ask the question but i never thought to put it on here before.

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@stopthenwo- actually I just got them pulled on Tuesday. :( Haven’t run since then, I’m going to try to tomorrow.

@loser- nope no sinus problems

@deaddolly- No my mouth is closed… I exhale out of my mouth and happens in hot and cold weather

@andrew- Teeth.

Hmmm… Sounds like it may have been the wisdom teeth thing. I don’t know if I’m up for running yet, my gums are still sore and I’m still swollen.

Thanks for all the answers!

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It happens to me as well, and no i dont run with my mouth open or have any sinus problems it also feels like i can taste blood though i know its not blood…

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well the tasting blood is because the transfer of oxygen through the walls of your lungs is happening so rapidly during a work out that plasma starts to inter your lungs its not blood just the plasma as for the teeth hurting i used to get that every time i took a hard step but realized it was just a really rotten tooth lol. but now i always every time i run i get sore gums only in one spot and its in a different spot every time. i have no clue what that is. its that feeling where it hurts but feels good to press on it but still kinda hurts?????

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My teeth hurt a whole lot too after I run too far/fast. I’ve heard that if you spit, it makes your teeth feel better. I haven’t really tried it, and when I do the saliva sticks to my mouth and gets all gross, so I don’t try that around people. Give it a try and see if it works.

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You’re low on Vitamin C. Sounds crazy, I know, but it happened to me. Drink a big glass of orange juice for the next two days. Vtamin C helps keep your gums tight.

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I’m 19 years old and I’ve also had this same problem ever since i can remember. It has nothing to do with sensitive teeth… just because i know my teeth have never been sensitive. I’m positive it has to do with just being out of shape. I hardly ever run and used to smoke all the time, but when I would try to run after I would slow down or stop for that matter.. my head would begin to feel light and my bottom front teeth (basically down in the gums) would begin to ache quite badly… this along with a very sour taste as well as a thick saliva in my mouth. It has to do with the amount of blood flow/oxygen. If you are out of shape and try to run, your body takes blood from certain areas of the body (ex. kidneys, stomach, liver and even the mouth in some cases, because every bit helps) and sends the blood to the heart etc. then once you stop running blood then tries to get back to the areas hence the tooth pain in the “gum area”..
So if your teeth hurt when you run…. all it means is you are very out of shape and your body has to try and get blood from all over (even the mouth) to get the oxygen it needs!
It’s funny how you can google “my teeth hurt when i run” and 90% of the replies to the posts say either; “Don’t bite down when you run.” Or my favorite “your teeth are sensitive”…. If you don’t have an educated answer. don’t post it… **cold air rushing into mouth hahah

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