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Will your girl friend comes and visit you if you are sick?

Asked by PredatorGanazX (222points) September 28th, 2008

I am referring to long life illness like bone marrow complications or slip disc…

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My boyfriend would totally visit me. And then explain to me how in China or somewhere they’ve developed these nano-bots that he can inject and will fix me up completely. At that point, I’d probably still be healthy enough to stop him, but as soon I grow weak enough, BAM! Injection.

(He’s sitting beside me and nodding, this is the correct series of events that would occur.)

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Thats kinda of gore.

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I certainly would like to think that if I had a s/o, they would be there no matter what. Otherwise, I’d be looking else where soon as I was able.

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they better be right by your side or you’ve been wasting your time.

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but as a person who is sick, I just thought that we always need to be in the best shape to meet up with SO.

Not in out train wrecked shape when we are sick especially.

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It’s just the opposite in my opinion, someone who’s there during the worst of times, will always be there during the best. you need to be human for your S/O. And if they can’t handle that, they don’t deserve your attention.

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That makes sense a whole load of it.

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