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How to convert a film to become exactly 6 mb?

Asked by wilhel1812 (2872points) September 28th, 2008

I have a movie i want to upload to a blog, but it cant be bigger than 6mb. What is the fastest way to compress the movie to be exactly 6mb or a little smaller and keep the quality as good as possible? I have QuickTime Pro and Final Cut, is there a way to this with one of those apps? I’m ok with downloading apps if that’s what i need, but i’m not paying for anything :p

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you can use online movie converter movavi

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Well, the movavi service don’t let me specify anything other than filesize so that won’t help me much.

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You can try out something like this or this . But I haven’t used them before.

Personally I use a combination of Movavi Video Suite and Sony Vegas Movie Studio for any video conversions I do, but those both cost money.

What is the size and aspect ratio of your source file?

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Who not upload it to YouTube and just link it to your blog.

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My source file is about 140mb, but it comes straight from the dv so i don’t need all the quality. I ended up with uploading it to youtube, downloading the flv file and then converting it to quicktime :p

I didn’t want to use youtube, since this is for client and youtube doesn’t look professional for a frontpage teaser video

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