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What features would you like to see in Fluther?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) September 28th, 2008

Disclaimer: I searched for similar questions to avoid reposting but since all I got back were pages of unrelated finds I would suggest they make Google Fluther’s internal search engine.

So, what’s on your list? Negative Lurves? Custom Fluther T-shirts with your/others Avatar(s) added to it? Share your ideas please.

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Some suggestions made 4 days ago and back in April
– Personally I quite like the way the site works, but being able to organise your PM’s would be nice…....and I do like the idea of tees with avatars!

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video response option
more legit backing up question methods

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I wouldn’t advocate this as any kind of permanent thing, please understand, but I would like to see the following experiment conducted:

I’d like to see a one-month moratorium on moderating, beginning on November 1, 2008, and ending on November 30, 2008.

During that time period, the only things that could be deleted would be:

1. Construction/placement plans for nuclear bombs
2. Obvious personal attacks (not innocent jokes)
3. Deliberate malicious racist remarks
4. Life-threatening remarks

Everything else during that one month period, such as off-topic asides, jokes between friends (like when my good friend deaddolly calls me names), or anything not falling into the above 4 items, would be allowed.

The reason for this suggestion, is I’d like to (respectfully) prove to everyone (including our founders) that The Collective really doesn’t need to be moderated in the first place, and that we, as a group, are mature and responsible enough, so that very little moderation would ever be needed.

I publicly challenge The Powers That Be, to take up the gauntlet that I have tossed at their feet, and if I am wrong about US, then I shall publicly apologize and admit I was wrong about The Collective, and will henceforth refrain forever from complaining about moderators and moderation.

Agreed, folks?

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@JA No. Not agreed. After being in several different forums I have seen that “very little moderation” is a very bad idea.

Moderators are needed….or the most obnoxious and loud are the only people who are heard.

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no way, Jack. The mods are wonderful people who do a fantastic job. I recently had an issue that wasn’t even in public and the mods jumped right in and squashed the whole thing. I think several people here have proven why we do need moderation. It’s not about babysitting or control… it’s about keeping the site at the par it was meant to be. Who needs some troll coming in here and posting 20 questions with titles like “how do I get my dick to grow bigger?” and “new ways to masturbate?” If I was looking for an answer and Google sent me to Fluther, and I opened the page and saw that, I’d turn right around and go to Yahoo Answers.

Yay mods!!!

[puts away pompoms]

Sorry Jack.

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Well, if you are right and my experiment was indeed performed as outlined, you would be proven right.

But, as long as it isn’t done, we will never know, will we?

I wonder what might have happened, if Orville and Wilbur Wright had believed those who said, “Your idea won’t fly,” or, “You’ll NEVER get it off the ground!” ?

I always find it interesting, when folks are adamant about their negative statements, and refuse to allow for the possibility that they might be wrong.

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anyway… I think negative Lurves would be destructive and hurtful, so absolutely not. The only thing I can come up with right now would be Fluther t-shirts in other colors that aren’t brown. I hate brown.

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JA I allow for the possibility that I might be wrong. Why not create ( I just checked…the site is still available )as a test site and invite us over for a look see? Your world, your rules. The jellies await.

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My comments didn’t allude to the creation of another website, nor did they claim that I could do a better job than that which is already being done.

I merely suggested trying something as an experiment, to see what might happen.

Unfortunately, everyone seems to be afraid to do that, for some unexplained reason.

Experimentation resulted in vaccines for polio and smallpox, so there is something to be said in favor it.

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Personally, I wouldn’t oppose an experiment such as the one Jack’s suggesting: I’m not that sensitive to what I read and I can control myself (most of the time)....

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You have just been added to my Last Will and Testament.

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Yep! You will get TWICE which you would have gotten, previously.

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I disagree with Jack. A month of no mods would just lead to a free-for-all. It would certainly change the demographics. Ben and Andrew drew up the guidelines for a reason; to define the site they wanted. We all know what happens to lightly-modded sites; certainly not comparable to medical research.

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I think of the story of the little red hen. No one wanted to help her with the grunt work (sowing, harvesting, reaping, grinding, baking) but then the gang turned up to eat the bread (and perhaps criticize it.)

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I said it a couple times before in other questions like this one, but ill post it again since we’ve gotten a lot of new members since then.
I’d like to see a button on questions that allowed you to collapse all the answers except those that got a GA. Thus allowing you to quickly skim pages for the great answers. I mean sometimes theres questions im interested in the answers, but not a lot. I really dont feel like reading a whole page of responses to get the answers so i think this button would be really handy. Plus since fluther has that whole “live” thing going it could be a live collapse and then click it again for them all to expand. That way the page doesnt have to be reloaded every time.
Show me the Goods. ^_^

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@JackAdams: I am strongly against your suggestion.

Go through the discussions where people jump in with off-topic chatter, bickering or flaming. Notice the quality of the discussion before, and then the quality of the discussion after. Sometimes, a question will resurrect itself, but on most occasions when two users start having a public-private chat, other people are reluctant to bother answering the actual question itself.

The guidelines are in place to maintain the quality of this website, which is absolutely paramount to helping Andrew and Ben realise the vision they have for this place. Fluther isn’t a government body, or a vein for people to express whatever they want whenever they want. It’s like a private dinner party, all about asking and answering questions, personally hosted by Andrew and Ben. It’s powered by their lurve and attention.

A month of no moderation would be plenty of time for the thousands of people looking for a well designed chat room to arrive, and take over the place.

As moderators we’re not perfect, but we certainly don’t do what we do because we have gripes with a user, or because we’re on a power high. Fluther is Andrew and Ben’s business; it puts food on the table and they care about it deeply. We’re here to help out, and making people angry or stirring things up isn’t something that we have on our agenda.

Ceasing to moderate Fluther would be a costly experiment. The community we have here would deteriorate rapidly. People say they can ignore questions, and stop following them, but what happens when every question ends up with an off-topic chat? Where do you go? Do you, as a quality user, leave Fluther? What does that leave us with?

We recently banned the users NecroKing, darknymph and wrestlemaniac, because we felt that they weren’t adding anything to the community. In their entire time on Fluther combined, they had answered maybe one or two questions properly. The remainder of their activity was off-topic chatter. They would persistently ruin question after question. Can you imagine if we had three more users like that? Ten more?

Do you see what I mean?

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I not only see what you mean, I gave it my personal GA.

The fact remains, is that something cannot be proven conclusively, until it has been tried.

The story is told about a scientist, working for a super-secret laboratory in the USA, who approached the military and claimed, “I have developed a nuclear device so powerful, it will destroy ALL LIFE ON EARTH!”

A General responded with, “I won’t believe that, until YOU TEST IT.”

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@JackAdams: So would you rather try, or leave things the way they are? I don’t understand.

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If it was up to me, I would JUMP at the chance to PROVE that JackAdams was WRONG, by allowing the experiment (as proposed) to proceed.

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Then do what, ban all of the low quality users when the experiment ends? After having seen a few quality users leave because they didn’t like the newcomers? It’s happened before, and will happen again.

I don’t care about proving you wrong, I care about maintaining Fluther’s title as probably the best damned Q&A community in the world. I don’t think the experiment you propose would do anything other than create a mountain of work for the mod team, and turn this website into a wasteland for 30 days.

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No disrespect, RH, but your opinions (just like mine) mean nothing without an experiment as I am describing, happening, to either validate them or disprove them.

However, it is interesting to note that the two people who would make that decision, are not commenting on the proposal, and maybe they have not even read it.

I was a moderator while you were still in elementary (grammar) school. I moderated a YaHell group of 1,000 members, although most, admittedly, were lurkers.

I was the only moderator in that group, but not the owner of it, and I did it for 4 continuous years.

During that time, I believe I deleted only 5 posts, all made by the same asshole, and then I banned him, because of them.

And, I must confess that membership in my group was open ONLY to those individuals who could PROVE their true identity to me, because they had to prove that they were either current or former law enforcement officers.

So, that probably affected the quality (and content of) the posts being made.

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JackAdams your little quip about the scientist creating a bomb that can destroy all life on earth proves why your little experiment is a stupid idea. You can completely destroy a great thing for absolutely no reason at all other than proving a point, or we can leave it the great community that we have.

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I think Fluther is just fine the way it is.
JackA’s suggestion smacks of a dislike of certain moderators. (I’m just guessing)
I think our mods do an amazing job, but then again, I’ve never had a question moderated or an answer removed.
I wonder who has the high score there? hmm….

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@uberbatman: If it is such a “great community,” then why are SOME of our participants not 100% happy with it?

Suppose a moderator makes an inappropriate comment? Who gets to remove that?

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Because you can’t please everyone?

Jack, just take a look through this thread. The majority of people clearly like Fluther the way it is, and detest the idea of removing our content filters.

Why should we switch things around and make ”SOME” users happy, and ignore the majority and their interests? You’re actually suggesting that by ignoring the majority vote, we will somehow be making more people happy? That doesn’t make sense.

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First, this individual thread doesn’t represent the majority of the The Collective, if it is 10,000 members (as claimed). In that case, a “majority” would be 5,001.

Secondly, I didn’t create this thread.

I suggest that it was created by someone who was not 100% happy with the way things are going, and was soliciting improvement suggestions.

You have a problem with respectful suggestions? Why?

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To answer your question about mods moderating mods, here’s some off-topic chatter from me being removed by another moderator. Rightly so, too. I wasn’t helping anyone and it deserved to go. It’s a rare occurrence, but we do have a system of checks. If you can find anything else by a moderator that doesn’t deserve to be here, then flag it. Generally though, we strive to set an example and be well behaved.

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No one is 100% happy. I love fluther more than any other site on the internet, but as you can see from my post above there are still some things id like to see added to this site. But what your suggesting is just asinine and would diminish this site to the likes of Yahoo! in less than a week.

Also no problem with “respectful suggestions” but first off yours is not as you clearly have a major dislike for the mods(no clue why) that hold this site together and make it the great community that it is. Id also like to point out at the top of the page that little part about everyone discussing the answer. That is what we are doing now isnt it?

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@JackAdams: one detail about your former stint and organization: that is a very narrow niche audience, with all members already indoctrinated into a common moral and communication standard. Fluther is very unlike that scene as it is “open enrollment” to an international audience. This detail provides enough rationale, IMO, to employ a uniform set of standards for communication and a high expectation for what is acceptable behavior.

Your quip that people’s freedom is being compromised is one without consistency-you (or others) may not realize that your “expression” may affect others in a negative way, especially when it’s a direct attack on their character and/or opinion. It’s a standard that protects the quality and intention of this site-to ask and answer questions.

As many have mentioned already, there are a plethora of competing sites that have a standardized “free for all” that seems to work for them; maybe your hypothesis doesn’t need to be tested-it’s already a working model elsewhere.

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For the record, I have privately compalined to Andrew about the supposed “lack” of professionalism on the part of two moderators (I won’t mention their names, out of respect for both of them), and he handled the situation admirably, IMHO. (One of them was privately reprimanded.)

I understand that there are now 9 moderators, where there used to be 10. I have only had any kind of communication, with 4 of them. So evidently, there are 5 of them who do NOT have any kind of “problem” with what I post, or I would have heard from them, by now.

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@JackAdams: We are all aware of what took place, we see every email you send Andrew and he sends you. The problem was that they didn’t take a balanced enough approach when communicating with to you, but their general intentions were fully warranted and vetted by Andrew before they went ahead.

If you’re trying to imply that someone was fired, this isn’t the case. He left the mod team because he wanted to focus on his business startup.

We are generally required to unanimously agree before any action takes place. That has occurred consistently with you. If one moderator contacts you, their words are backed by all of the moderators.

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My whole point, is that there wouldn’t even be any threads like this, if everything was going smoothly, because when everyone is happy, threads like this are not created, and comments are not posted to them, except to say, “Everything’s fine; change nothing.”

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I think it’s terribly ironic that this “no mod” experiment has been suggested by someone who is notorious for extensive off-topic chat and thread derailing, mostly by the equally notorious one-liners. Just my two cents… while we’re still practicing free speech, and all.

I’m all for the mods. Andrew and Ben have done a fabulous job, and the people they trust to help them have done an equally fabulous job. None of those 12 (or 11) people are perfect. The mods will make mistakes, just like Andrew and Ben will undoubtedly make one every now and then. I moderated a 3000+member message board for several years. God forbid I went on vacation… the place was a friggin disaster when I came back. You can put all the trust you want, Jack, into the members who are already here controlling themselves… but you can’t possibly begin to put that same trust in little fools who are bored with trying to crack porn sites and instead wander into Fluther asking offensive and [bad] provoking questions.

What if you had kids? Why not do an experiment with them and leave them alone for 30 days, trusting they’d control themselves? I’d hate to see what you’d come home to.

And, incidentally, what if the mods here did this as a side job? Would you have this same idea if they did this for extra income? Just suggest they take a 30 day pay cut for the sake of some ridiculous experiment?

Look, if you have a hypothesis, and you know that there’s a 25–30% percent chance of it going smoothly, yet a 70–75% chance it was going to destroy years of hard work, dedication, patience, and love… you weigh the pros and cons heavily before you start anything. So let’s do that here. Worst case scenario: Fluther becomes a giant, steaming, dung heap of garbage that’s no better than half the trash on the internet. Best case scenario: One or two people who’ve had personal problems with moderators are satisfied with themselves for proving everyone wrong.

Sounds like a bruised ego trip to me.

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I gave you another GA, RH.

The entire USA Government is essentially like Fluther, in that, as you claim, it is run by a committee.

Look what the committee system has done in the USA: Wall Street is about ready to COLLAPSE, and our “committee” (the US Congress) proposes tossing almost a Trillion dollars (I apologize; I don’t know how much that would be in £s) at it, which is equivalent to tossing an ocean of petrol on a forest fire.

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Jack there are always room for improvements with everything. Nothing is ever perfect, everyone always wants just a little bit more, maybe a new feature or change the way something little works. Theres a difference between talking about stuff like that, and then changing the whole basis of how fluther works as your suggesting. So i feel pretty confidant in saying that most of the fluther community is happy with how it is as a whole, but we still all feel theres little improvements to be made. I dont think thats anything bad against fluther or what andrew and ben have put forth. We are all just looking for ways to improve what we love, and i like both andrew and ben appreciate our suggestions.

I also want ask you this. Dont you find it strange you complain how you dont have “freedom of speech” yet those complaints never get removed? Only the ones that are against the guidelines like personal attacks?

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@poofandmook, if you dislike what I post, why do you continue to read & comment on them? Why not just ignore me and move on?

That’s one thing I would really like to see in here, truth be told, an ignore button, so I wouldn’t even KNOW that some moron has posted something.

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@JackieOneNote Jack, Jack, Jack. You are not using logic. Your argument is circular.

You say: If everyone was happy there would not be threads like this. That is erroneous. In fact, much of the impetus to brainstorm about the site comes from love of it. It does not imply dissatisfaction when you want to improve something beloved even more.

You say: Until my experiment is done, we won’t know if no moderation works. Again, that is faulty reasoning. With moderation, we have problems. The problems are not caused by the moderation. They are caused by individuals who want to cause trouble or stir things up. Decreasing the moderation to almost nothing as you propose, clearly would not improve that situation. it would, in fact, worsen it.

The only person on this site who consistently and regularly complains about the moderation is you. The moderators are not the problem, you are. Now, you have hijacked another thread with your griping. I, for one, am tired of it. I would be even more upset if this were not the exact same question the third time in the last ten days.

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If you want a no-mod, ignore button environment, Jack honey, you’re in the wrong place. That’s just how it is. That’s the spirit with which this place was created: Everyone has a fair shot.

Let me make one thing clear: I usually don’t dislike what you post. There are a few times when I’ve felt like I walked into a pre-school classroom, but generally I think your opinions are worth just as much as anyone else’s here, Ben, Andrew, and the mods alike. I have GAed you, and I have skimmed over you, as I’m sure you’ve done to several other people here… maybe even me. That’s the other part of Fluther that makes it different and stand out: The ability to have your own say in what you read and what you don’t. You know, that silly concept of personal responsibility and all.

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Jack, there have been at least half a dozen similar Qs like this since Fluther’s inception (most preceding your membership), but by and large they center around feature and communication enhancements, and dealing with the cyclic influx of new users who are not enculturated with this community.
I think it’s myopic to assume that the nature of these questions is for the masses to rant about how poor the user experience is. The site administrators work very hard to be responsive to these requests and I have withessed the continual progress they make.

We all benefit from these improvements, and the site founders actually ask this question from time to time for that reason.

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uberbatman, since I have given my sacred word-of-honor to Andrew (which he can verify) I have not engaged in what could be termed a “personal attack” against anyone in here, simply because I always keep my word.

I didn’t propose any permanent changes, whatsoever; I merely suggested/proposed that a one-month experiment be conducted, to gauge the results. But it wasn’t a suggestion of doing away with all moderation, but rather with limitiations only for the 4 items I mentioned.

For the record, I really want this site to be moderated. I just think that maybe the guidelines might need to be altered, to bring it more into line with the things championed in the US Constitution, a document I prize more highly, than The Holy Bible.

After what I have read above from others, I am now of the belief that the experiment would indeed fail, but only because certain individuals would work at making it fail, to discredit me and my ideas.

It’s happened before…

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Seriously, Jack… you’re a valued member of the community. But I mean this in the nicest way: Don’t flatter yourself in thinking the rest of us have nothing better to do than prove someone we’ve never met wrong, just for the sake of that person being wrong.

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And to make it fail would mean turning Fluther into a crap site like any other. We’re all arguing that we don’t want that. So your last statement makes exactly zero sense.

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I would like to see better search capabilities, fluther t-shirts in another color besides brown, I would like to see the great answers, seperated on another side where you could discuss the answer further, without it taking away from the right correct answer given. I know this would be hard because, some of the questions are personal and don’t really have a correct answer, some questions are personal opinions, but somehow it would be nice, like when I am looking for a computer, science question to have the correct answer, besides having to wade through a personal chat that has turned from the question.

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Going off uberbatman’s suggestion… instead of making the thread collapsible, what if answers with GAs on them were a different color? I know I’d probably forget to un-collapse things and miss something I might’ve enjoyed or wanted to comment further on. This way, everything is still there, and all you have to do is scroll down to that specific color to find the GAs.

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@poof andrew tried doing the color thing before when i first suggested it, and people didnt like it. This is why i also think the button is a good idea. For those of us who want to use it, we can, while those who think fluther is just fine as is, can just ignore it.

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@uberbatman: Gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up! :) Would you have to hit that button every thread? Some threads I would want it, and others I wouldn’t.

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I’m rather disappointed, that some reading my words are not understanding them, and that they are erroneously assuming that because I wish to see a month-long experiment conducted, that I am somehow expressing some kind of “preference” for a moderator-free environment. Such is not (and never was) the case. If this website was free of all moderators, I would not remain a part of it. So, if they go, so do I.

Now, if this website were all mine (and Praise Gawd that it is not!), then probably the only permanent change I’d seriously implement, would be eliminating the following reasons to delete a question or answer:

Tragically misspelled
Totally open-ended or poorly thought out
Vague, confusing, or generally non-sensical
Off-topic chatter or an inside joke
Excessive txtspeak (“ZOMG r u 4 real?!?!?!!? LOL”)

The reason those would be eliminated as causes for deletion, is because had websites like this one existed 60–70-80 years ago, the addlepated remarks of both Albert Einstein and Thomas Alva Edison would be disallowed, because so much of what they wrote, particularly while in school, was “Vague, confusing, or generally non-sensical.”

I’d allow deviations from the topic, if it resulted in less questions being created, and stifling inside jokes is just another way of censoring someone’s free speech.

Lastly, who cares if something is written in txtspeak or Pidgin English?

I would also consider adding a rule that states, “If your question does not get any answer posted within 10 days, it is deleted.” The reason for that, would just be to eliminate “excess clutter,” and the asker could re-post the question, of course.

So as you can now see, I’m a NOT in favor of the elimination of moderators; I’m just in favor (slightly) of reducing their workload.

If that makes me a “bad guy,” then pour me some Hemlock, and like Socrates, I’ll drink it right in front of you.

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@poof id like to see it in every thread like a little button at the top next to the question. That way it wouldnt stay on for all the questions or anything like that. I know its something i or most people for that matter wouldnt use all the time, but a neat little feature that we could utilize when each of us sees fit.

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@uber & poof Check out Askville as a way to separate answers and discussion. I am not suggesting that Fluther become another site….but I throw it out there as a way to separate out two types of “discussion” on a particular topic.
For any given question they have an answers page and an actual discussion board.

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Show by default only 5 lines of text per answer. If you are curious to read someone’s full reply hit a button to expand it to its full length.

Idea inspired by all the pro-vs-con commentary above (wink-wink, nudge-nudge).

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I would like to see a time or date, or something like “6 hrs ago” on the answers. Also, I would love a different color of shirt to choose from. I look kind of dead in brown, and I am too close to that anyway to want a reminder. Blue with a silver jelly, or white with a blue jelly. (what nice jelly wants to live in a brown ocean, anyway?)

I am a newbie, but I like it here. Tweaking for the niceties is a good idea.

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You really shouldn’t ask for a time/date (or the equivalent) to be used.

I tried doing that, and I was figuratively tarred & feathered after being drawn & quartered.

Quick! Run & hide!

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Oh, dear! an unwritten law I didn’t know about! Sorry -to whomever doesn’t mind answering 2 month old questions.

A green shirt with a gold or yellow jelly would be pretty.

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@greylady It is not an unwritten law. It is jack being a drama queen again. Your idea has been proposed before and has some support in the collective.

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It has ZERO SUPPORT in The Collective.

I have PROOF!

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Jack; There are 55 answers here; how many of them are yours? 18? Maybe you need to share the spotlight, tone down the hype (and the textile) and perhaps let someone else have the last word? Let your intelligence do the work.

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Since you bring up comments made, let’s compare:

Your totals:
questions asked: 207
questions answered: 3,277

And now, mine:
questions asked: 160
questions answered: 946

The numbers appear to indicate that you are the more prolific when it comes to creating questions and supplying answers.

I’m confident you’ll respond (and have the last word) by saying something like, “So? Those figures don’t prove anything.”

I agree. They don’t.

Neither do yours.

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Let’s be clear in the facts Jack: you have been a member here five weeks, while gailcalled has been a member just under two years. What are we trying to prove here?!

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I’m very sorry, but explaining my answer cannot be done, without it appearing to be an off-topic, personal attack of some kind.

So, I respectfully decline to do so, to keep my promise to Andrew.

I’m certain you understand.

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< < for one, wishes that the promise to Andrew had included a non-disclosure clause.

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Just now noticed that Q’s on the main page show as either asked or asked from iPhone. That’s pretty cool. Any chance it could show up on the Q’s own page, too? (right now, if you view a Q that was asked from iPhone, it just shows as asked.)

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In some of the forums I’ve been, there was a way to see all of a certain users posts. I found that helpful because if I remembered something someone said a few weeks previous and needed to go back to it I could find it by looking at all posts by that user. I’d like to see something like that here. The “My Fluther” feature has been helpful in keeping track of people of interest to me. I wonder if there wouuld be a way to see all posts by people in our fluthers?

I’d also like to see a trap door for whiners and trouble makers! Maybe something like a penalty box where people who get out of hand can take a ‘breather?” You know, kind of like a naughty corner where a time out can be taken until the offender is able to be on the board without disrupting it?

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I don’t like the idea of topics being collapsible. If I wanted to just see what someone else thought was a GA, then I’m saying that I can’t decide for myself and I think this site is about choosing what’s the best answer for you. Also, if I want a threaded style of collapsible answers I’ll go to /. or digg.

I would like to see all posts a user made. Maybe not their posts, but rather what threads they contributed to. It would also be nice if when you had someone in your fluther post a question you got notified of it automagically because they’re in your fluther – whether you’re an expert or not. I think @Bri_L just asked a question about that the other day, although I don’t know what the outcome of it was. It would also be nice if when someone referenced you in a thread (like I just did to @Bri_L) that you get notified. I know that I mentioned @dalepetrie once on a thread he hadn’t even posted on, although he did a bit later, and he was surprised to see his name mentioned – it was positive, I wasn’t slandering him.

I also thought that possibly having a “block a user” would be nice, but I again, think that takes away from the site. I dislike some members intensely. Read my profile. I think it’s apparent now. And that sucks, because I like it here, but I keep wanting to choke some of these people. But they still add substance to a conversation. And while I may not like or agree with their views, they are still entitled to them. So while I would like to see it, I think overall it would take away too much from the overall experience.

Finally, can we give @dalepetrie a 140 character limit like twitter. I love reading his posts, even though there are things I don’t agree with, but more often than not I start reading a post by him, have to take a nap and then finish it. ツ

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I would like a reply feature. You know like in Youtube comments. It’s more pleasing to the eye than @reply and it’s easier to see I guess.

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I would also like to be able to buy a t-shirt with a few different color options (both the shirt and the jelly.) Having a little menu page for picking your preferred style would be cool. I’d be more inclined to buy one, as it stands now I have too many brown shirts.

I would be very against anything that could be harmfully divisive, or divisive in general for that matter. No cliques. No privatization. No systems in place for making anyone more important than the next. The ones who want that are often self-important enough as to make it unwarranted.

It’s the idea of a collective that brought me here. That fundamental concept being maintained is what will keep me around. I think lurve is fine as long as it remains something of a positive reinforcement. In my opinion “negative lurve” is bad news. I think the whole idea that everything you say and do should be subject to the fickle whims of your peers is absurd. Your worth, in that crude sense, becomes some stupid game to be played. It’s also potentially discomforting to new comers that they “better keep up!”

Just ask and answer well. Or don’t. Simple as that.

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An ignore button :)

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And a My Fluther button up on the menu next to My Account

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an ignore button sounds like a good idea, I guess. Usually, I just try to stay away from the questions asked by the folks on here that I find despicable. (fortunately, there are only a handful of them). But my main complaint is why isn’ there an easier was to delete questions that you are following. I suppose if I spent more time removing them, then I wouldn’t have so many, but something like holding the SHIFT button and highlighting several questions would make things easier.

As for drama, I have yet to find a community site that isn’t polluted by the drama loving types.

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oh and another thing, when I go to delete questions I am following on let’s say page eleven, and I delete one, after it goes away, the page goes back to page one. That is truly fucking annoying, and I’d love to see that changed. I want to stop following stuff from months ago, but having to switch back to the pages further down just sucks. Someone should fix that while they are fixing other things.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I totally agree….

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Waaaaaay, waaaaaay up at the top of this (no, further up), you made a suggestion about collapsing the screen to show only GAs. I like it.

In a related fashion, if the lurve page was sorted by the answers and not how long ago your answer was clicked GA, it would be easy for someone (read new person) to assess when they were on track with their answers and might improve future answers.

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@Kayak8 thanks, ive been wanting that for a LONGGGGGGG time lol. As far as the second thing, that was possible to look at like you said for a while. When all our answers were listed on our profiles you could just go through them seeing how much lurve each got and whatnot. We evidently seemed to have lost that function though because people complaining about privacy. on the internet….on a public forum….that they openly post on…..

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