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A life question..?

Asked by FiRE_MaN (684points) September 28th, 2008 from iPhone

ok so to understand my question I have to give you a little bit of backround.

So I have a good friend, who is also a guy, and we both like the same girl. After he broke up with his old girlfriend last year he started talking to this girl. Now I haven’t been talking to her that long and I like her and she seems to like me pretty well. She already said no to my friend but apparently her two friends convinced her to say no. My friend us still trying to get with her and she will still make out with him and what not.

Any ideas on what I should do? =\

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Talk to the girl and let her know how you feel. Depending on her answer, then talk to your friend. If she’s interested in your friend; let it go.
Letting things build up and listening to what other friends think, only makes things worse.
If she likes you and if your friend is really a good friend; he’ll step aside.

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This is not a simple situation. In the end, the lady decides. On the other hand, is any girl worth possibly losing your friendship over?

The best way to take the high road here is cards on the table all around. Tell your friend that you like her too. Tell her that you like her. Then step back and see what happens.

Does your friend say, “Too bad, I saw her first”? If so, say “OK, but if she dumps you, all bets are off.”

Does she say, “I like you too, but what about Gary?” You can then say, “I have talked to him about liking you. Now you need to be straight with him. Once you and he are not entangled, we can see how we could be together.”

Good luck.

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no she just says i like you too… thanks for the help. haha but more comments are more then welcome.

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she’s gotta have a preference or she’s playing both of you and enjoying it.

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Listen to Marina…good advice.

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I think you should just forget her unless you think she’s the one you want to marry. It sounds like an awful lot of heartache and unneccesary drama if she’s not going to be the one. It doesn’t sound like she wants to get serious, so you would probably be saving yourself some trouble. I know it’s hard to just up and forget someone, but it can be done. You’re the one in control of that situation, everything else is up to her. (like Marina said)

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The best thing is just to talk with her. Let her know how you feel about her. Cause it is better to have a chat with her about your feelings rather than planing anything behind her and your friends back, cause you may end up losing both. If she aint interested in you then make way for your friend. But if that is the case be sure to be frank with your friend. Cause if he gets to know of your intentions from the girl, he may not take it positively. If she agrees, go straight to your friend and explain your deep love for her gently.

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