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You acquire possession of "that" stopwatch. How do you utilize it?

Asked by JackAdams (6536points) September 28th, 2008

I’m referring to the stopwatch in the episode, A Kind of a Stopwatch from the 1950s/60s TV series, The Twilight Zone. You click it, and time stops for everyone, except the person holding the stopwatch.

So, ignoring the circumstances under which you got it, what do you do with it, once you have it? And keep in mind that you can move objects (and people) around, without the living items knowing that they are being touched.

Just a fun hypothetical situation to toss around…

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Hmmm, that could be quite useful.

I’ll have to think about this more but, for starters, I’m sure that my ex-boss would find himself in the arms of a big burly biker…

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think I would be rich. And I would get even with a lot of ppl.
I would love it!

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I hope that I am never on either of your lists!

I would use it to “freeze” everything at the Athletic Club I belong to, and then I would casually wander into the women’s dressing room, for a look around

Gotta give those high school hormones their exercise!

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I’d clean the cat. Seriously. And get a part time job as a magician at children’s birthday parties.

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Clean the cat? You mean you would give the cat a bath, after s/he was immobilized?

S/he would sue your butt, as soon as time was restored!

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omg, Jack.

cats clean themselves.

I’d have so much fun with a watch like that….

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The cat should clean himself, but he’s been lax lately. Plus, we let him outside today and he rolled around and picked up all sorts of debris. While he was immobilized, I’d give him a nice, thorough brushing and possibly some spot damp cloth-ing.

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i’d pull down everyone’s pants and start time again, and it will be really awkward.

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You are so evil

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I’d use the stop watch to:

1.) get some sleep
2.) memorize the 10 essays I must learn for my history test on Tuesday.
3.) get to Atlanta to spend time with my lover I haven’t seen in over a month.

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I’d break into the richest peoples houses and biggest banks in the world, steal heaps of money, and put it into poor peoples’ pockets all over the world.

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Maybe, maybe not.

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I just think we lazy consumer whores need to be slapped in the face and the people suffering through no fault of their own, in third world countries for example, need a bit of a hand.

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But, wouldn’t it be better to teach them to fish, rather than give them fish?

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Well, they need something to start off with. As soon as I started time again everyone would be like WTF IS MY MONEY?!?! and would eventually work out that it has been spread across the world. Then we would all have to work together to make sure that everyone could sustain themselves with what they’ve been left with.

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If I had a stopwatch to stop time… Hmm. I think I would also catch up on some sleep. I’d be able to stay up and do whatever, for as long as I wanted and then just stop time until I was fully rested and had to go to work. Ah… That would be awesome. I think I would also prevent certain crimes from happening. The guy running down the street who just stole a ladie’s purse? Nuh uh. The person with a gun in their hand who is about to pointlessly kill someone? Nuh uh.

Shrubbery: You’re implying that rich people don’t have the right to spend their money how they want to. Which is something I very much disagree with. Just because they’re rich, it doesn’t mean they didn’t personally work their asses off to get to that point. They don’t deserve to be stolen from, simply because they’re rich. It would definitely be nice if all the rich people had a sharing, caring personality, especially because it definitely wouldn’t put a dent in their wallets… But still. It’s their money, period. No one else has a right to dictate how they do or don’t spend it, if they’ve personally earned it.

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I would get ahold of whatever left leaning educational video shit I could find and load up all broadcasting companies with it and jam their stations for as long as possible so that all the people possible could watch reality TV for real. (Then, because I’m a superficial asshole, I’d throw away all of Michael Moore’s clothes and replace them with a totally hot new wardrobe. I’d also throw away everything in his fridge.)

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@Carol: Hmm, you can change the videos stations are showing, but I’m not sure how long you could jam the stations. After all for the video to be in broadcast and people to see it, you’d have to start time again. Would you, like, start time, wait for them to pull it, stop time, go back, put it back on, do it again? That would require… dedication.

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I think I would do essays only 15 minutes before class and maybe take naps in those 5-minute intervals I have between doing this thing and doing the other thing.

Also, yeah, pulling people’s pants down, but only the ones who deserved it.

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I would go all over the world tipping the balance of power in favor of causes I care about. Suddenly, people would have a really hard time destroying natural habitats, imprisoned Buddhist monks would vanish from prison, etc.

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@DrasticDreamer Somehow, I don’t think Paris Hilton earned all that money herself…

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@Dr_Dredd You’re probably right, but either way, it’s her money – even if it was simply given to her.

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@DrasticDreamer I’m not saying it isn’t her money. Your initial statement, though, was: “Just because they’re rich, it doesn’t mean they didn’t personally work their asses off to get to that point.” I’m saying Paris didn’t work for it, that’s all.

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