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Should I tell them?

Asked by amandaafoote (860points) September 28th, 2008

I went to Verizon today due to the fact that my phone slowly started to randomly shut off, and it became a problem when it did it 3 times in under an hour today, they are ordering me a new phone tomorrow, but with my past two phones my phone will not get calls, get texts, other phones won’t get my texts, should i tell them before i get a new phone? It’s been a real problem with the fact that someone was trying to get a hold of me for two days & i didn’t get any texts, calls, or voice mails when i was in all different locations. So, should i mention it? Or is it something that just can’t be fixed?

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Unless it is due to damage that you caused, it really can’t hurt to let them know. Plus, they might be able to retrieve the data lost.

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Second that.

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Could you not just ask to keep the SIM and stick it in another phone while this one is being sorted out?
But like shock. said above, can’t hurt to voice your concern.

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Alright, i just wanted to make sure i did it before they were getting mad that i had to get 2 new phones, haha && i would do that but with Verizon you don’t have SIM cards, they have to do it all through the phone or store =/

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Definitely tell them. If they don’t know there is a problem, they can’t fix it. Plus you want documentation that you had the problem in case you have it again and need to complain more.

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From my past experience with cell phones, they are made to only last so long so you are forced to buy a new one often. My solution was to cancel service and not have a cell phone at all. Between the reports on cell phones causing cancer and the immunity granted to all service providers for alleged illegal wiretapping between the govt and cell providers it was an easy decision for me to ditch the cell and go to old school landlines.

If I am paying for a service, I expect privacy.

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