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What are people's thoughts on male lingerie?

Asked by Ibrooker (60points) September 28th, 2008

Have you ever encountered it? Why does it seem to not exist? Should it?

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You mean underwear? I’ve heard whispers of such a thing.

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Do you mean something like elephant underwear?? LOL

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I just think it’s silly and it doesn’t turn me on at all. But that’s just ME. I’m sure someone out there really likes it.

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Do you really want to see men in crotchless underwear? I think I’d pass….

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It should be boxer or briefs for heterosexual men,leave the thongs, crotchless and lace underwear for the women to wear, unless your transgender or a transvestite.

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Take it back….Borat’s banana hammock should be the only acceptable form of “lingerie” :-)

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No, I don’t like it. It either looks silly or tawdry. Not sexy. For example:

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Unfortunately it does exist – but any man who puts it on, should be prepared for the mood to be spoiled by a hysterical giggle-fit or a loud “ew!”

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Too true, wildflower.

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It does not look sexy! lol

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To paraphrase the English Leather ad, “I prefer my men to wear nothing at all.”

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@trudacia Are you referring to my sentiment or to the male lingerie?

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@marina, No, the thought of men in lingerie along with the syz link.

Naked men=good!

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@trudacia and syz I had not looked at the link until you mentioned it, trudacia. That cracked me up!!!!!!!!!!! The animal ones were hysterical.

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@syz: Too funny.

I like either “boxer briefs” or nothing for men.

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That poor guy in the crotchless underwear looks like he needs all the help he can get.

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For some reason, it was the little dangling legs on the flamingo underwear that really got to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still chuckling just thinking about it.

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NOT a turn on…I dont want to be with any man who has the same underwear on as me

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“Male lingerie” just sounds gross.

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I think that women aren’t really as simple as men when it comes to what’s needed for a visual turn-on. Maybe gay men like it, since they’re wired to be visually turned on and attracted to other men?

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super hero whitey tighties are what i waer to get my woman in the mood, batmans work best ;) haha

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GAY GAY GAY GAYER GAYEST GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Like Don Henley said,
“Don’t you know that women are the only works of art”?

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