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Should i leave my girlfriend?

Asked by VeryLostFellow (12points) September 28th, 2008

My girlfriend and I have been together for about 4 months and we love each other incredible a lot. When she got back to school, we started to hang out less and less….. I move closer to her so i can see her more because she have to be home by 4.00pm every day, and she cant’ come out on weekends. So basically Monday through Friday i can only see her but….. she have clubs meeting and clubs activities which takes up most of her time which is on Monday-Thursday, so basically i only see her one day for less than 2 hours a week. She does have a phone but she rarely calls me because she doesn’t like to talk to me on the phone but rather in person. She rather talk to other ppl rather than me. She text me a lot though. So i don’t’ know about whats going on. For me on the other hand i have alot of free time and every second without her next to me, is like i am drowning in the water. I know for a fact that she loves me deeply. What should i do? Should i leave her which will make me suffer alot. But waiting for her til she graduate from high school which will make me suffer slowly…. What should I do!!!!!! She is 18 and i am 21

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If you love her, wait for her.
If you suspect she does not love you, decide if you think it is worth waiting for her to find out for sure.
If you think you love her, but actually just love the idea of being in love with someone, leave her and find someone else to be in love with.

But definitely talk to her about why she doesn’t make time in her day to talk to you. Express your feelings—that you need or want to talk to her, that you feel neglected. Don’t just dump her without giving her a chance to change her behavior (or yours) to make the relationship work.

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thats a long time to wait, but i might try to wait…

try and find something to do in your spare time to keep your mind off of it. and maybe you will find someone else..? you never know. im having a woman problem too and it is sertanly not the easiest thing in the world.

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Just reading your post made me feel smothered. I think you need to get some other things in your life. A girlfriend or boyfriend cannot meet the other person’s every single need.

Are your working? Are you going to school? Do you play soccer or basketball? have you made new friends since you moved? Work on filling the time when she is doing other things with other interesting things and people of your own. She will find that intriguing.

It is too soon to say whether your relationship will make it, but the reality of human behavior is the more you chase, the more she withdraws.

Do be aware that even though the age difference here is not that much, at this time of life it is. Think back on how much you have changed since you were 18 three years ago. The world is shiny and new and laid out before her. Be a part of cheering her on and not holding her back, and she is likely to love you more.

Good luck.

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I agree with EmpressPixie, you should be patient if you love her and want to keep her in your life.
She’s still in school, you have to respect that she has got a busy life. It doesn’t sound like she is seeing other people, just has a lot going on.

If you need the attention that she doesn’t have time to offer right now, then you should move on because the tension will just make it harder to enjoy the time you do have together.

That said, does she plan to go to school when she graduates? It may be that you guys are just not going to be compatible over the long term.

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