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Should i leave my girlfriend?

Asked by VeryLostFellow (12points) September 28th, 2008

My girlfriend and I have been together for about 4 months and we love each other incredible a lot. When she got back to school, we started to hang out less and less….. I move closer to her so i can see her more because she have to be home by 4.00pm every day, and she cant’ come out on weekends. So basically Monday through Friday i can only see her but….. she have clubs meeting and clubs activities which takes up most of her time which is on Monday-Thursday, so basically i only see her one day for less than 2 hours a week. She does have a phone but she rarely calls me because she doesn’t like to talk to me on the phone but rather in person. She rather talk to other ppl rather than me. She text me a lot though. So i don’t’ know about whats going on. For me on the other hand i have alot of free time and every second without her next to me, is like i am drowning in the water. I know for a fact that she loves me deeply. What should i do? Should i leave her which will make me suffer alot. But waiting for her til she graduate from high school which will make me suffer slowly…. What should I do!!!!!! She is 18 and i am 21

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